Matlock Bath


Saturday 21st October

As the rain lashed down on the caravan, Jane began to regret her decision to pre-book the tickets to the Matlock Bath Illuminations. The tickets were booked on Tuesday morning when the sun was shining, what could possibly go wrong planning that far ahead?


“Oh well” we all said, ” lets go anyway”. We decided that a pub meal and a drink would fortify us against such a foul evening.


But as luck would have it, as we stepped out of the pub at 8 o’clock the rain stopped and we were able to make our way to enjoy the evening’s event in the dry.


A lot of effort had been made by an awful lot of people, to make the illuminated craft that cruised up and down the river. The children loved the magical effect of the lights reflected on the river, and I thought it was pretty good as well!


It was hard to believe that most of these creations were based on small rowing boats, and you could sometimes just glimpse of a pair of arms rowing furiously! After the boat parade there followed a spectacular firework display. The pyrotechnics were greeted by lots of oohs, and aahs from the crowd, the loudest cheers coming from Kev and Val who throughly enjoyed their evening!


Sunday 22nd October

Another rainy start to the day, so there was nothing else we could do but to sit in the caravan and read the papers.  There is something very cosy about rain hammering down on the roof of the caravan, and being sat inside with a coffee, pork pie and the papers!


The rain relented about 2pm, so our local guide (Kev) took us on a trip to Kedleston Hall, home of the Curzon family .


I remarked about the lovely view to one of the National Trust guides, and she mentioned that the Curzon family had a village of hovels moved that stood in the way of the outstanding vista!  No problems with planning permission in those day then!


Although the rain had stopped, it was still a tad chilly, just as well we had all wrapped up warm then!  Inside the hall we found a treasure trove of ornaments, many of which came from India, where George Curzon , 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, was Viceroy of India from 1899-1905.


The view uninterrupted by the hovels, but they did leave the golf course there!

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