Tintern Abbey

Wednesday 8th November




What a beautiful  day to visit this stunning ruin.


The sunshine made it easy for me to capture some lovely pictures.

Who would have thought that all those years ago this was the birth place of Tinternet!


We had a very pleasant walk around the outskirts of the Abbey.  It’s great to be able to visit these places on a bright Wednesday in November when everyone else is at work, because its so quiet!


The leafy footpaths around the Abbey are at the height of their autumnal colours. It is a real feast for the eyes!


On the odd occasion that I take hold of the lead, Pixie is still trying to get close to Jane…….well, she does have the all treats in her pocket!

Thursday 9th November

Caerphilly Castle



It was a lot colder today for our exploration of Caerphilly Castle.


I was wondering if anyone famous had been born in this town when “just like that” we saw this statue of lovely Tommy Cooper.  He gave us all many laughs through the 60s and 70s.  He was a great hero of my childhood and I have many happy memories of watching him on our little black and white T.V!


The statue was unveiled by another famous welshman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, who was apparently totally amazed by the huge turnout for the ceremony.


Caerphilly had made a real effort with their Remembrance day poppy displays.


It was all so poignant on a bleak freezing cold day to see the all the red poppies around town.


Pixie had to tread “caerphilly” around the dragons (Jane and the Welsh ones!), we didn’t want to wake them up !

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