Lofty Aspirations……Clearing the Attic!

The Mumbles, Swansea


Although it was very chilly on our walk around the mumbles in Swansea, Jane still chose to wear her micro bikini. This did cause a little unease with the locals on the pier, especially  after she had a little too much red wine and lost her footing!


Still the other views were lovely and when Jane recovered she really enjoyed the scenery. The good thing about these midweek off-season walks is that they are very quiet and peaceful.


We walked around to Langland Bay to find the beach absolutely packed, so we decided to turn around and head back to the car.


When we got back to the car we were all totally exhausted, however Pixie still had enough energy to run round and around the railings and get herself all tangled up, very amusing to watch, less so if you were holding the lead judging by Jane’s expression!


So we said goodbye to Wales after a great stay at Sharon’s house in the lovely Chepstow. I’m sure we all came back a lot fitter than when we left with all the dog walking, and the fact that the house was on three stories and we both climbed so many stairs!!


I think I’m coming to terms with my unreasonable fear of driving over suspension bridges. The nearest David Lloyd club for me during this break was in Bristol, so I had to cross the Severn at least twice every day! Its not cheap either at £6.70 a trip into Wales, (it’s free to come into England!) But I suppose its worth it when you have got your body to within an inch away from perfection! (lol) Jane does say that I should wear my glasses when looking in the mirror. Well a boy can dream can’t he?


Back at Dads, in-between tidying the attic we took the opportunity to walk closer to home. We walked not far from Kings Somborne and found a bye-way that headed in the direction of Farley Mount along a muddy track, although we didn’t get that far. The clear blue skies really accentuated the bright reds, golds, browns and greens of the autumnal day.


We walked for about two hours and didn’t see anyone, it is amazing that no-one else was around on such a lovely day.  We did meet a few pheasants which suddenly flew up and  really made us  jump as we not expecting it! Be calm my beating heart!!


The view of Dad’s back garden from the attic.  To the left and in the far distance is Hilliers Arboretum, very handy for a quick stroll around and a coffee and cake !


Its amazing what I found up there. I have always had a great taste in music, however I think in this case it was the album covers that made me part with my pocket money. Paul was also pleased that I managed to find his long-lost cycling proficiency certificate, he said he was going to hang it up in the cab of his lorry!


There was (and still is) a lot of paperwork left over from the shop, which we have to keep for 7 years. It is a good feeling to be able to burn some of the really old invoices! Having a bonfire in the garden takes me back to being a kid again!


On a cold Saturday afternoon in November there is nothing better than an old Fred Astaire movie…..


Followed by a homemade fish pie eaten close to the warm Aga!


I have had a few complaints about the lack of blog updates from Barry so I have finally brought you up to date.


Most days at the moment begin with an early morning (6am) trip to the David Lloyd club in West End, Southampton. An hour in the gym or the pool is followed by a lengthy coffee and a putting the world to rights session!!! Then back to dad’s for breakfast……. then the rest of the day is my own….if Jane says its ok!! We are already planning next year’s trips at the moment, starting in early January with a cruise around South America with a stop off at the Falklands. We will return in early March and spend some time with dad before we embark on another epic road trip. This time we hope to spend at least a couple of months exploring the highways and byways of France, and in that time we will hardly have time to scratch the surface! So we will have to go back again, and again and again, as long as Brexit doesn’t muck things up any further!   Then back for a British summer  (better than this year I hope!) and then …….who knows, I will have to keep reading the travel books and get some more inspiration, and  hope that our desires can fit our budget!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    A few familiar faces from David Lloyd! One change that I like is that they now don’t have to have a lifeguard there with you in the pool area as long as it’s just adults, so I don’t feel as guilty swimming in the outdoor pool, not having to drag a lifeguard out into the cold and damp. It also gives me a bit more incentive to stay out there longer, although I sometimes wonder what would happen if I was the only person out there, suddenly felt a pain in my chest and…

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