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Sunday 7th January

We arrived in Madeira on Saturday night, which was earlier than expected. The captain had decided to sail full steam ahead to avoid another storm that was due. Sunday morning the clouds were starting to disappear and the sun was trying its best to make an appearance .


By the time we had walked in to Funchal everything was looking a lot better, apart from my stomach (and it’s only day four of a sixty five night cruise!)


If you look carefully you can see the captain giving us a wave, well he did have a lot to spare!


After an open top bus tour we both fancied a cup of coffee, Janes looked a lot lighter in colour than mine.


The view from the coffee shop was lovely and quiet, not many of our fellow cruisers walked as far as us today!


I have never really been that much of a great violin fan before, but listening to Elektra last night has changed my point of view, and when we met the stars of the show in town today and they asked to have their photos taken with Kev and I, well I was totally sold!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Still trying to catch up on the blog and working backwards, but it sounds like the first few days were like my idea of hell, if it meant being at sea when it was rough. I don’t sail well when it’s rough, the only place I can “hold it together” being on deck, but you can’t stay up there in a storm for hours on end, especially in January!

    Reminds me of a rough channel crossing many years ago, when I was up on deck leaning over the rail. A guy came up to me and asked “weak stomach?”, to which I replied “not really, I’m throwing it as far as everyone else…”

    Looking forward to what happens after Rio, and off to work my back further.

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