Crossing the Equator

13th January 2018

We crossed the Equator in the early hours of the 13th of January. We didn’t feel a thing despite the captain telling us all not to be worried if we heard a loud bang in the middle of the night!

There was a “crossing the line” ceremony the next day at the more civilised hour of 2pm.


King Neptune, accompanied by two glamorous assistants, held court over anyone who had never crossed the equator before.


His not so glamorous wife also made an appearance.



K&V had already crossed the line before so they felt safe being close to the action!


The ceremony consisted of a few games between two teams of the crew, officers and other ranks!


And regardless of whether you won or lost, you still ended up having to kiss a fish and have copious amounts of gunge tipped over you!


And here are our certificates to prove we have crossed in to the Southern hemisphere !

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