Rio De Janeiro Day One

Rio de Janeiro Day One

We were up at 5am as we were advised that the sail in to Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular in the world


It was great to see the bright lights of this famous city stretching before us


Christ the redeemer really stood out as he kept his eye on the sleeping city below


Everywhere you looked there was a photo opportunity not to be missed


The sun began to raise its head above the distant hills


There were quite a few people up on deck so you had to be quick to get your shot


We both had to pinch ourselves, we were really sailing in to Rio!


Never in a million years did I expect to be here!


We were followed in by another two ships, its going to be busy in town today!


The sides of the docks buildings were covered in an interesting mural.


Still pinching myself, we are on Copacabana beach!!


Kev and Val are seasoned travellers who have been here before, and even they were excited! Don’t you think Val looks cool by the way ?


Tall and tanned and lean and lovely, I stepped up and took this picture of Ipenema beach!


Unfortunately Jane had forgotten to pack my leather thong and string vest so I had to improvise ! Val said it was the first time she had seen me without rosy cheeks! Kev offered me his but it was a little on the skimpy side!


My god it was lovely in there, a welcome relief from the 35c heat.


The girls welcomed the sit down.


Can’t think why I took this shot!


Putting the world to rights!


The vendors on the beach had ingenious ways of carrying their wares!


In the afternoon we took an extremely hot bus ride to the Botanical Gardens. Kev bravely figured out the bus routes and for less than £1 each we arrived at our destination! Not sure I would recommend the un air-conditioned buses as I sweated in places I didn’t know I could sweat!


This chap can be seen from all over the city and tomorrow we are going up to see him!





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1 Response to Rio De Janeiro Day One

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I won’t say I’m jealous, but right now you would think it’s monsoon season in Southampton! It’s hissing down outside and blowing a gale. Might as well be in the office working, can’t do anything outside.

    When I arrived in Rio (back in July 1989), our flight from London landed about 5am. By 8am we had taken a taxi into town, found a “cheap-ish” hotel a block from Copacabana Beach, checked in, showered, and were walking along the beach. It was surreal. My travelling companion was Jorge, my Argentinian work colleague (and blood brother – we took a number of trips together and got on so well together). I still have great memories of that trip, would love to go back, but my Euromillions win yesterday £2.40 won’t quite change my lifestyle unfortunately.


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