The Choir and Formal Evening

The Choir and Formal Evening.

Tuesday 16th January 2018


Jane and Val had gone to the choir rehearsals virtually every sea day since the cruise began. Today was the day of their first performance. The crowds poured in to the Curzon theatre (well it was mostly the choristers other halves). We were all entertained with a very polished show!


That evening was one of the formal nights, there are 16 in all on this cruise.  Here we are with Jill and Barry, Val’s sister and her husband.




Aparently Its a hard job and a worry for the ladies to select the right evening dress. I can’t see why because all the ladies on my table always look lovely! (I wonder if there are any brownie points to earn here?)


Us chaps on the other hand have the more onerous job of selecting the right colour bow tie and finding cuff links to match!


Jane and Val looking very chic!


I know, if it wasn’t for the stupid grin………..




Now thats more like it! (Groan, now it’s my turn for the stupid grin!!! Editor)

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