The Glaciers

The Glaciers

31st January 

The Amalia Glacier


After a days cruising the Chilean Fjords we arrived at the Amalia Glacier at 4pm. As we arrived the weather was a little (ok, quite a lot) overcast!


So as Barry found out the driest place to take a photo was on deck 7 as this has a covered walkway.


But not wanting to miss anything I stayed up on deck 13. I got soaked and I’m not sure that I got any better pictures!


It was definitely the more civilised option to be on the lower deck.


Just before we were going to leave the rain stopped and it got slightly brighter.


You could really see the iridescent shades of blue stand out against the grey background.


Thursday 1st February 2018

Pio XI Glacier

We arrived at this glacier at 8am after a calm overnight cruise (i’m writing this as we have just re-entered a rather rough Pacific!) I was told we had plenty of time here so I took a few photos on my way to the gym. After my 1 1/2 hours in the gym (yes really) and whilst I was in the shower I heard an announcement saying we were just about to turn around and leave this lovely place. Well I really had to rush to take my usual 500 photos.


Cormack took this great photo of the pair of us.


You can always find Cormack on the ship as he is always wearing his bright orange hat, maybe not on formal nights though!


The chefs were allowed out for a quick photo opportunity.


As we left you could really see the luminescence of the glaciers as we departed.


Whilst I went for a lecture on the state of American politics and Trump’s first year as president, Jane, Kev and Val decided to stay on deck in the vain attempt to see a whale.


Well what do you know? They spotted three orcas swimming along together! Jane assures me that on the photo above to the left of the bow waves you can see one of them. Well the jury is out as far as I’m concerned!!!

(STOP PRESS…… We saw 3 Orcas whales tonight whilst we were having drinks, majestic!)


Jane also took this shot and if you look carefully you can just see a small sailing boat dwarfed by the huge mountains!

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4 Responses to The Glaciers

  1. Tony Payne says:

    That does look pretty amazing Ian. I think I would have been up with you on the top deck in the rain, convinced that the extra altitude would give me a better view of the glaciers, Looks like it was pretty cold there.
    This week is supposed to be the coldest of the winter here in the south of England, and I woke up to -1C and a hard frost on the car. Yesterday at David Lloyd the boilers were out again, so cold changing rooms, cold showers and an unheated outdoor pool. Since it was 2C outside when I arrived there, and the pool hadn’t been heated much I don’t think in the last week, it couldn’t have been much warmer than the weather. I managed a quick 10 lengths, but think I cooled the sauna off when I went back indoors!

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  2. B says:

    Hi you two, hope all is well – don’t need to ask as you both look stunning especially the beautiful picture by Cormack. Tell him to come over here armed with his Adobe Photoshop! We love Jane’s hat, it must gave taken ages and ages to find! Again so jealous have always wanted to see the Chilean ice fields. Back home here very cold, No kitchen or bathroom, showering at the gym. Lots of love Kevin and Maggie xxx

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