Sunday 18th February


Aruba is one of the smaller Caribbean islands and is 19 1/2 miles long by 6 miles wide at it widest point. It is a very flat island with only 3 small hills. The very dry climate means that not much grows here and most of the fresh fruit and vegetables are brought here daily from nearby Venezuela.


Today we were going to catch a bus to the far end of the island to visit the lighthouse and take in the view from one of the 3 hills. Unfortunately not this one though!


Before the bus trip we had a wander along the sea front and got another picture with the ship in the background .


Well this is the lighthouse, much like many others I have seen!


And this is the view from the restaurant on top of the hill, not quite like many I have seen!


The ship didn’t leave until 9.30pm, so that gave us a chance for a stroll into town in the evening and watch the sun go down.


And to get a few different photos.


And also to wear my new shirt.


What a coincidence another man with great taste in shirts (someone mentioned Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger)


Well blow me down with a feather!


My god they are everywhere, and they wash well, this one was bought 3 years ago.  (Yes, I know it has a different coloured background.)

Aruba was a nice place, but I wouldn’t rush back unless I wanted to sunbathe all day, not much else to see on this island.


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1 Response to Aruba

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Popular with the Dutch I believe. Somewhere like Cartagena appeals more to me. Enjoy your last few days of sun…

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