St Lucia

St Lucia 

Friday 23rd February


Today we are on another P&O organised trip, we were a bit concerned after our trip to the Pacoche Nature Reserve in Manta, which turned into a muddy fiasco. But P&O refunded our money and reassured us that there wouldn’t be any problems with this trip.


So we set off on our trip to the rain forests of St Lucia, and it did what it said on the tin and rained! The drive to the Aerial Tramway was very exciting, a small coach took us at great speed over the pot holed roads, and at every hairpin bend the driver crashed through the gearbox with the dexterity of Lewis Hamilton. We were all relieved to have arrived safely.


It rained quite heavily at times…………


But despite the rain it was wonderful to ride above all the lush vegetation and see all the flora and fauna.


And get close to the local wildlife. Well done P&O, the Aerial Tramway was a great success!


Back in Castres, the main town in St Lucia, it was very busy and bustling with energy.


The market stalls were of all different shapes and sizes, some like this had a limited stock but it was all very fresh!


The indoor part of the market had a sign with a couple of polite requests.  Jane agreed with the no smoking but was a little disappointed with the other request!


But back outside all was well again!


Friday night and everyone was finishing for the weekend, looking relaxed and ready for a couple of days off.


Traffic was quite chaotic, and there were lots of jams on the back streets…… in fact there was jammin everywhere you looked!


Back on ship we were treated to the sounds of a steel band before we set sail for Barbados.


What a great atmosphere, and lovely way to start the evening.

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1 Response to St Lucia

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I love the islands, so laid back and lovely. Barbados next, been there a few times with work years ago, lovely island, lots to see.


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