Wednesday 21st February



This doesn’t look like the Scarborough I know, its far warmer! Hang on it has started to rain , thats more like it!

IMG_0933 2

Kevin negotiated a taxi ride all around the Island,he nearly got into fisticuffs (but that another story!)  This was one of the first view points of our tour, this is a far more lush island and had a great “feel” to it from the start.


This island was a lot more laid back than some of the other islands that we have visited so far, this is one of the gift shops that used high pressure sales techniques to obtain their money!


This one was so laid back that it wasn’t even open!


Next stop on the trip was a beach bar in a tree………….


Plenty of gaps for a lovely gentle breeze to waft through……….


Great views from the window, and a lovely freshly squeezed fruit juice inside.


A couple of local characters were jus chillin on the corner.


A lot more shopping action here at this stall!


We took a picture of this sign and now we can’t remember why!


We didn’t actually get to this bay (Englishman’s Bay) but it looked absolutely stunning, Maybe next time!


What a way to display your wares………


It certainly caught Jane’s attention!


This is called an immortal tree and there are very many around the island.  They look stunning.


This is Michael, our tour driver for the day.



After our drive we were coaxed in to this bar by the sound of the reggae music and the sound of laughing from fellow passengers.  The rum punches were small but very potent!


This young lady thought that I was Daniel Craig and asked for a picture of the two of us together.  I was slightly reluctant but relented in the end!


Jane spotted her favourite wine waiter out shopping and he gave her one of his winning smiles.


Well we all made it back safely to the vicinity of the ship, but whenever Kev wears that shirt it always takes us a lot longer to get through security!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    I was going to say that parts of Tobago reminded me of St. Lucia, but I see that’s your next port of call.

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