Thursday 23rd February


Bridgetown, Barbados.  A short walk from the cruise terminal brings you in to a rather run down version of what the UK was like in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


Barbados is known throughout the Caribbean as “Little England” for the market town atmosphere, the cricket ground and signposts giving directions to places such as Hastings and Worthing. The Cathedral and Parliament buildings still look great, it looks like they may have just been refurbished.


A short walk from town is Carlisle Bay which has a fantastic beach.   (As I am writing this blog the t.v. news is showing the bad weather and snow at home, I hope its all gone by 9th March!)  We enjoyed a couple of hours there sunbathing and swimming but as the sun got higher it became too hot for us, so we decided to go for a drink in the shade.


Whilst in the bar we decided to see if we could get a taxi tour of the island, and after a little bit of negotiating we arranged for Freddie to show us around. The first port of call was St John’s Church on the east coast. We got there just as a wedding was finishing and one of the rather posh looking guests remarked that we were a little late, and as I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt I replied “so I got all dressed up for nothing then”!


We had the taxi to ourselves and he said that it was his job to take all the photos, and as you all know how shy and retiring I am, I was delighted it be able to get some pictures of the two of us together.

Version 2

This waitress was happy for me to take her photo and with a bit of cropping I might enter it in the on board photo competition.


At the far end of the island the Caribbean sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. There are some terrific waves to be seen here.


Some take people a little by surprise……………


Some are little too far away to cause problems but they still look impressive!



Thanks Freddy for a great trip around Barbados, we would definitely love to come back and see you again.

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3 Responses to Barbados

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Didn’t realise you were doing so many of the Windward islands to finish off the trip, very nice.
    Been to Barbados a few times, unfortunatley only for work, but did have some leisure time as well. There used to be a great wreck in Carlisle Bay for snorkelling on, full of squid, octopus and many kinds of colourful fish. I used to swim out to it from the hotel, about 30 minutes of fast swimming, then hopefully enough decent light for snorkelling before the sun started to set, followed by a long return swim. Used to enjoy Saturday mornings watchign Concorde fly overhead too. Badbados has some lovely sights, would love to go back.

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  2. fivesc says:

    Lovely photos of Barbados – it is so much more diverse than many people realise.


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