Tuesday 27th February



Today was our last day in the Caribbean before we head for our last port of call in the Azores and then back home. So we thought we would end it in style, and have a trip to a few beaches on a catamaran.


The boat was full of the new friends that we had made, Pauline and Mike were amongst the crew!…..


This early in the day (before lunch) the drinks that were served were water or fruit juice…………


And everyone was having a great time, catching a few rays and enjoying the ride…..


It was great fun and very relaxing just laid out on deck………….

IMG_1233 2

The views were stunning…………

IMG_1238 2

A lovely day on board, time to take in the scenery as we wizz by…….


The boat pulled right up to the beach so that we could get off and have a swim and a snorkel……..


The sea was a little too rough for snorkelling as the waves had churned up the sand, but the water was lovely and warm to swim in……..


Time to get back onboard and have some lunch and  head to the next beach……


The food was delicious. It must have been very difficult to prepare a meal for us all in such a tiny space.

IMG_1244 2

Along with the food came the part of the day where they opened the free bar. Thats when the real fun began………


Kevin suddenly remembered that he could pole dance (something he had learned in Soho in the 60’s).  This kept us entertained for a while……..


He also remembered some of the jokes from his sell-out one man show! Which was met with great acclaim!


So much so that he laughed at some of his old jokes that he hadn’t heard in a while!


He also showed us a dance routine that he had taught John Travolta in the mid 70’s.  He got the whole boat rocking……….


Val and Lorraine watched from the wings whilst drinking rum punch and piña colada…..


At the end of the trip we had drunk the barrels dry (reminds me of an Andy Williams song!) .


As we sailed out of Antigua there was a great sail-away party, which several members of our party were unable to attend due to being crashed out on their beds……Kev Heard!


A stunning sunset to end our time in the Carribean……..Next stop the Azores in 5 days time.

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1 Response to Antigua

  1. Tony Payne says:

    So assuming you are posting from The Azores. Make the most of the warmth before the last leg. Just sounds like an amazing cruise every step along the way. So many places you could easily go back to and explore a lot more, and many friends made along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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