St Kitts

Monday 26th February 

DSC_2095 In 1623 St Kitts was the first Caribbean island to be colonised by the British.  From there the British moved out to other islands so St Kitts has always been known locally as the “mother” island. Michael was the driver for our tour around St Kitts and what a great guide he was too!


The British heritage was plain to see, they had to take the glass out of the phone boxes though as it was just too hot.


At times it was very uncomfortable to hear the things that had gone on in the past. Where this fountain now stands used to be the the stage where slaves were auctioned. It’s sad to think that this activity took place in the shadow of the Anglican Church. Michael told us that under all the big houses around the square were cellars where the slaves were kept before being sold. It was very sad and very sobering to think back to those awful days!


These two houses, although not in the best of repair, had a great view of the sea.


This picture was taken as we passed through one of the many towns on our trip.  It does look a bit run down, and there were many more places that looked a lot better, but I haven’t got a photo of those.


This is a picture taken from Brimstone hill fortress.  We were lucky with the weather again and got some great views.



Michael’s son joined us for a short ride back home from the shops; what a little cutey he is!

Goodbye Tourists!

One of the stops was  at a place called Bloody River, so named because the French and the British massacred hundreds of the native Carib indians to prevent a rebellion, and the resulting loss of life caused the river to run red with blood. As we got out of the coach we noticed these children from a local day care centre waving at us, so we all waved back and as we got back on the coach to leave they all called “goodbye tourists”. So cute!


St Kitts is another stunning island and I think we need more time back here to explore.


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3 Responses to St Kitts

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    It sounds like you’re on a whistle stop tour of the Caribbean. Don’t you wish you could stay in some of the places a bit longer?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think we will definitely be back to stay longer in St Kitts and Tobago, they were so laid back and not too commercial. looking forward to catching in a week or so……….. not so much looking forward to the weather! I’m sunbathing as we are crossing the Atlantic to the Azores!


  2. Tony Payne says:

    Thought it ironic that you talk about the slavery of the past and then post a picture of young slaves behind bars waiting to be auctioned 😉

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