Sea Days


On a “sea day”  I still like to get up early just as the sun is rising, have a coffee in the cabin and then head up to the gym.

IMG_0655 2

So far (this is with one day left to go) I have made it every day.  I have been joined most mornings by (from left to right) Gaynor, Brian, Irene, Mike and Dennis. Unfortunately Mike’s mother passed away while we were on the cruise and so he had to fly back early, and Dennis injured his knee which put him out of action.

IMG_0656 2

And just to prove that I was there……


On the very odd occasion, when we were close to land, we were able to make a few phone calls home, as you can see from Janes smiling face she is on the line to Charlotte!


In the morning after breakfast, there are talks on the up- coming ports of call and all the things we should see and do whilst there. The days at sea can be very busy and you have to plan your day out carefully so that you don’t miss anything, but there is always a helping hand around to point you in the right direction………..


Jane and Val have been going to choir most days and so far have taken part in two concerts.  They are currently rehearsing for their last show, which is tomorrow (Thursday 8th March) and Kev and I are eagerly looking forward to that! The good news is that there is a CD of all 3 concerts and we have bought one for every member of the family and friends as well!


Whilst Jane is at choir I go for a game of golf, well nearest the pin on a golf “stimulater”, on deck 13.


Here are all the usual suspects all waiting patiently for their chance to whack 4 balls against the screen. Obviously its not as good as being able to play real golf in the fresh air but it keeps your swing going and is good fun as long as you don’t take it too seriously ( mind you there are a few that can’t quite grasp the fact that you might not hit the ball as far in here, as you might on your home course, well there is only one person really and I hope he doesn’t read this blog!)

It's a Bugs Life!

There is also time to take a few photography lessons, and afterwards time to go and practise what you learned, this one was taken after the macro class……


Then if things get a bit too hectic there is always time for a quick chat with some of the many lovely people that we have met on our grand voyage.  This is Mick, he is the carer for Pat………

Version 2

In recent years Pat has developed a large swelling on top of her head.  There is nothing that can be done for her and most of the time she is fine, but as you can see there are the odd occasions that she loses all control of her facial expression. Poor Mick puts a brave face on it but says it can get him down at times and hopes that when we get back he will be allowed back into his local Sainsbury!


This is Remy, our cabin steward.  He does a great job of keeping everything clean and tidy for us twice a day.  He is so good that Jane only needs to spend an hour a day dusting!


Sea days often mean that it could be a formal evening. However there have been 16 this cruise, and at times it becomes a real hassle having to chose which colour bow tie to put on !


What a lovely couple, its just as well that I chose silver on this occasion as it really sets off Jane’s necklace!


However some evenings are a little more casual and then I get the opportunity to wear some of my more subtle summer collection.




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1 Response to Sea Days

  1. Tony Payne says:

    It does look like this was an amazing cruise. The question is, are you now going to do more cruises, or save up and go back and explore more of some of the places you enjoyed the most?
    Looking forward to hearing all your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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