A Day in the Life………in Liverpool

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Tuesday 24th April

“A Day In The Life” Of A Beatles Fan

“Yesterday” Jane gave the impression that she didn’t know much about the Beatles so I thought that I should rectify that situation with a taxi tour of Beatles associated places. So our “Day in the Life” began with a hearty breakfast before we headed of “Here, there and Everywhere” in our black cab. I was a little taken aback when Eddie our driver took one look at Jane and said baby you can “Drive my Car” to which I replied if you carry on like this I will have to tell the “Taxman” about all your tips. I did regret my hasty intervention as I thought he might end up taking us on a “Magical Mystery Tour” and I would have ended up looking like a “Fool on the Hill”!


Well I have to say that “in my Life” I have never had such a fun tour, Eddie was a real gentleman, and “When I’m Sixty-Four” like he is, I hope I am as much fun. He said he has to work “Eight Days a Week” to make a decent living but a least he doesn’t have to do “A Hard Days Night” any more, and can rely on “Day Trippers” who want a “Ticket to Ride” to make ends meet!

Above are pictures of the Beatles main homes, these are the homes that they were living in when they became famous ( but “From Me to You”, I think John Lennon’s home was the nicest!) I was going to list whose home was who’s but Jane said that if “We Can Work it Out” so can everyone else! (Top-John, bottom left-Paul, middle-Ringo and right George). “Help” I’m running out of bad puns, there must be “Something” else I can say before I “Get Back” to the main thread of this post, or shall I just “Let It Be”?



Penny Lane is one of my favourite Beatles songs ever, and in this spot you can see many aspects of the song “Come Together” in one place. (Sorry Bo, I couldn’t use your input here!)



Strawberry Fields was a children’s home behind John’s house, he heard all the laughing going on so one day he sneaked in there to play with the kids  It is said that this time held very special memories for him.

“I Should Have Know Better” than to start these puns, as I have started  on ” The Long And Winding Road” and don’t want people to think “I’m A Loser”, but I just have to “Act Naturally” and hopefully will be “Getting Better” soon “With A Little Help From My Friends”


As you might guess there are a lot of tours connected to the Beatles, and I would highly recommend the Black Cab Tours which stopped at every point along the route to enable you to take photos and to hear some anecdotes from the driver.


This Plaque commemorates where it all began………………


Just over the road from the church hall is the grave yard where they used to practise when they bunked off school………….one of the grave stones mentions a certain Eleanor Rigby!


After the taxi tour Jane needed a rest from the Beatles for a while so I visited the Beatles Exhibition on my own.  If you are a big fan like myself you will find this fascinating.  You will know a lot already but you will also learn a lot more.


There is just so much to see and photograph, I was like a kid in a candy store!


One can only “Imagine” what songs where composed at this piano!


“Do You Want To Know A Secret”?  “There’s A Place” in Albert Docks which serves one of the best steaks I have ever tasted, (mind you they were “Mean with the (MR) Mustard) and for dessert the pudding they give you a real “Taste of Honey”! So when  a meal like that is served it is sooo easy to “Please Please ME”!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Sounds like a brilliant tour, and a great job on the puns as well! I can imagine you can almost suffer Beatles overload, but great to see the places that lent themselves to such great songs.

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