The Royal Wedding and Hillier Gardens


Saturday 19th May 2018

The excitement had reached fever pitch and it was time to sit down and watch the wedding of Harry and Megan. Jane was in such a good mood that she made me a special “Megan bacon sandwich”, delicious!  Charlotte celebrated with a litre of mineral water, and then had to put on her head band to stop it leaking out of her head!


I said at the beginning that I didn’t think I would be sitting down all morning to watch it, how wrong I was, I thought it was absolutely lovely and dare I say there was almost a little tear in my eye! ( well it did get a little moist, my eye that is!)


Well what a lovely day for a wedding and what a great day for visiting our next door neighbours. We are very lucky living with dad in Braishfield and his house is right next door to Hilliers Arboretum (The Harold Hillier Gardens). We can walk there in 5 minutes and being that close we can take advantage of any fine weather!

The gardens are generally full of colour but at this time of year its seems especially  to display an absolute luminosity of colours!


A walk around these grounds will definitely lift your spirits, even if it is on days like this when you think our spirits could’t get much higher!


I have lived in and around Braishfield for the best part of 50 years and this Saturday was my best timed visit to these stunning gardens.


The sun and the blue sky made the colours even more vibrant……….I’m not sure if this was a real plant……. Jane says it is……. I have my doubts!


So if you haven’t already visited these lovely gardens (and I’m not on commission!) then its about time you did………..


And if your timing is good, let me know of your visit and I might be around to make you a cup of tea!


I would recommend at least 3-4 hours to get a least a flavour of the place………..


And if you brought a picnic to eat amongst these spectacular plants……….


Then you might get a taste that might never leave you!


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1 Response to The Royal Wedding and Hillier Gardens

  1. Tony Payne says:

    The Royal Wedding was spectacular wasn’t it. Not too much “pomp”, just about right, and poor old Harry got quite emotional as well. I still think it was better to watch it at home rather than spend the night in Windsor Great Park somewhere along the mile, to see a car whizzing past and then a while later a carriage, which also seemed to go pretty fast. A blink of the eye and you lost a brief chance to take a photo, and if trying to take a photo you probably didn’t get to see the couple properly.

    Hilliers is lovely isn’t it, how amazing to live right next door. We love to visit places like that this time of year, there is so much in bloom. Of course with the predicted thunderstorms and heavy shower this weekend, it might be a case of running for shelter while out sight-seeing!

    I have been digging over a section of garden and it’s almost ready to grass over, but Debbie now wants a small wildlife pond, so I’m digging one section even deeper, through more old roots from long dead shrubs, and it’s going to be wet and muddy down there unfortunately. It was quite nice digging dry soil last weekend, but I’m going to get lots of complaints I am sure about my boots leaving mud all over the patio.

    Have a good holiday weekend.

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