Wentworth Pro-Celebrity Golf

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey


An early start and a quick trip up the M3 and we were at Wentworth Golf Club before 8.30am. We were there to watch the pro-celebrity tournament which is always the day before most major competitions these days. I went with my mate Steve Pullen; we had hoped that our wives might accompany us, but getting out of bed before 6am soon put pay to that idea! There were celebrities from all walks of life………..Mike Rutherford from the older generation of pop stars


To Niall Horan from a group called something like one direction…….not sure whatever happened to them!

The young lad in the black Nike shirt is Brad Simpson, he is the illegitimate son of Homer and 1/2 brother to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Marge knows nothing of this so far and the makers of the fly on the wall documentary “The Simpsons” are more than a little miffed that Brad decided not to change his surname!  Still what a lucky boy to get a day off of school to play in such a prestigious competition! As were the many young girls who were following them around.  The blonde lad is from something called “Love Island”…………..I haven’t heard of it either!


It was good to get up close to  professionals that you normally only get to see on the T.V, Ian Poulter was on good form with both his game and the crowds.


The battle of the breakfast tv presenters was fun to watch but Dan Walker had by far the better game.  Kevin Pietersen was always on hand with some “helpful” advice!  Piers Morgan seemed remarkably quiet on this occasion.

“I think the putt breaks to the left!”


Ian Wright was having fun with the crowds, holding up play to sign an autograph for a “youngster” who was probably in his late 60’s!


This chap looked remarkably cool……..Damian Lewis seemed to be enjoying being amongst a “Band of Brothers” and so close to his “Homeland” too, however I don’t think he will earn “Billions” from his golf game!


Chris Evans was playing in the 4ball in front of his radio colleague ……….


Vassos Alexander, both looked good golfers and were having a lot of fun!

I never realised how tall Chris Evans was, he certainly doesn’t sound that size on the radio!


Chris Hollins, is also not a bad golfer……….


You wouldn’t want to mess with this guy…… Andrew Johnston, affectionally know as “Beef”……………..


……..is a lot more friendly than he looks!


I’m sure this chap used to play for Saints……….the name will come to me in a minute!


Danny Willet the former Masters champion was having a steady game today.

Thomas Bjorn the European captain for the 2018 Ryder Cup.


Vinnie Jones was playing music from his bag as he walked around, we heard “Mac the knife” blaring out……….not the done thing on the golf course…….but nobody was going to tell him to turn it off!

A couple of great Olympians here, Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent.


This chap looks like he has a lot of potential……….


Sir Anthony Peter McCoy or as most of us know him…….A.P McCoy.


I have to say I’m not too sure who this is, I was told it was “50 Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan but the pink top has thrown me!

Anton du Beke had a great sense of humour and an even better game of golf!


Try as I did I couldn’t get a clear photo of George Clooney, Jane was very disappointed to have missed him, she has even said she will get up at 5am next year to join us if he’s playing……………..dare I tell her that I was just using a little poetic licence!


Well I suppose thats the closest I’ll get to Rory and Tommy!

IMG_0218 2

O.K  so its not my most flattering photo but the only one of Steve and I on the golf course.  Note to self ……I must practice my selfies!


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1 Response to Wentworth Pro-Celebrity Golf

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Wow! Stunning photographs, you sure captured a lot of celebrities there. I wouldn’t have recognised Mike Rutherford, he has definitely aged, but then we remember a lot of celebs as they looked 20-30 years ago don’t we. Loved Band of Brothers and Homeland, and I’m sure you didn’t really forget Matt LeTissier’s name 😉 My wife has him booked for a charity event in a couple of months, he is a really nice guy. Great day out by the look of it and perfect weather too.

    Liked by 1 person

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