The Rolling Stones

Tuesday 29th May 2018

With a week to go I thought I had no chance of  getting tickets to see the Rolling Stones when they played at Saint Mary’s Stadium in Southampton. Then out of the blue, my cousin Adrian and his wife called to say that they had an extra ticket and would I like to go!


Well, I thought long and hard about it for about 10 seconds and then I bit their hands off!  The forth member of our quartet was an old neighbour of mine from when I lived in Sandy Lane……..Nikki Brown. The support act was the Vaccines, Adrian said that “Doctor and the Medics” should have preceded the Vaccines and then afterwards it should have been the “Cure”


Just to say Nikki hadn’t fallen asleep she was just catching up on Facebook!  Age and Ang are pictured here enjoying some of the fine fayre on offer, after a pre-concert meal of ice-cream followed by scampi and chips (not me, I hasten to add, I’m boring and have to eat savoury first!) the food was washed down with a selection of lager, cider and bacardi……… not all in one glass!


The crowd built up slowly as most people seemed to be queuing up for a drink.


The screens have turned to yellow……..its all about to kick off!


The show begins with the appropriately named Start Me Up…………


……..and then maintaining the tempo with Let’s Spend the Night Together followed by Tumbling Dice and It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll…………..


It’s amazing to think that these guys have got a combined age of 294 years, Mick Jagger 74, Keith Richards 74, Charlie Watts 76, and Ronnie Wood 70.


They all had so much energy ………


That they got the whole stadium “rockin”


It’s amazing that with all the drugs that Keiff has taken in his life, he is still able to strut his stuff!


When night finally arrived the lights from the stage really lit up the sky…….


………..and then all too soon it was time for the encore of I Can’t Get No Satisfaction and it was time to go home.  What a truly great evening……. thanks Age and Ang!


Hopefully this should be a clip of the evening…………this is the first time I have added a video!


Time to catch the train home to Romsey………

The next day the papers were full of the great evening we had had…….


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1 Response to The Rolling Stones

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I’m not a big fan of the Stones, but everyone says it was a great concert. I used to love them up to the early 70’s, around the Tumbling Dice era, but don’t really like anything more recent than that. However, seeing a great band in concert you often take a different viewpoint on their music, their is nothing like listening to an artist live. I can definitely vouch for that having seen John Denver in concert a few months before his fatal accident. I was never really a fan of his music, but he put on a great concert.

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