Danny Baker

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Unbelievable, out in town twice in one week!

Danny Baker is one of my favourite radio/tv personalities, his dry sense of humour and his genuine affection and interest in the callers to his show make it a must-listen for me every Saturday morning (Radio 5 Live …..try it, you won’t be sorry!)


So it was with high expectations that we set off in to town again. This part of Southampton is unrecogniseable to me these days from those of my youth, what has happened to C&A, Plummers and even worse Tyrell and Green…….


The guildhall looked quite striking in the early evening light. The last show we saw here was the Australian Pink Floyd……….highly recommended if you haven’t already seen them!


We were lucky to get through the crowds and the throngs of people to get to our seats in time and we hardly had to queue at all….


The stage was not quite as spectacular as that for the Rolling Stones, but perfectly adequate for this great one man show!

IMG_0444 2

Danny came on at 7.30pm, and with just a quick 20 minute break carried on until 11.30pm. It was very interesting and highly amusing to hear tales of his life, and how he came to meet so many stars like Elton John so early in his career. His love for his dad “Spud” was evident and he had many comic stories to tell about his father and his disregard of the law.  If you get chance to see Mr Baker live, then take it! I would see the same show again and again as I think every performance would be different !

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    I have enjoyed a few of Danny’s radio and tv shows as well, sounds like an event to look out for.

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