Friday 8th June 2018


Although Mottisfont is our nearest National Trust property, we have never visited there before when the roses are at the height of their beauty.


So with Kev and Val paying us a visit before they jet off to Canada this seemed like an ideal time to explore these gardens. Whilst we were wandering around admiring the views Kev and I had plenty of time to discuss further road trips………Spain in late September seems like a very good idea!


We weren’t disappointed and along with the roses there were many other plants in full bloom.  Jane really loves this blue colour……..its a shame I can’t remember the name of this plant though!


Here is Val striking a pose which we are ensured is copying a similar pose to that of Kev’s mum whenever there was a flower around!


I wish I had taken my “big” camera down there to capture the full flavour of the walled gardens but I’m very pleased with the results of my i-phone’s camera!


Although it was a little cloudy the riot of colours really brightened the dull day!


Maybe this black and white shot doesn’t do it justice!


Kev had forgotten to put his bra on and was slightly offended by some of the comments from fellow visitors…………


But they both managed to put on a brave face!

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1 Response to Mottisfont

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Mottisfont is wonderful when everything is in full bloom isn’t it. We haven’t been for about 5 years, must schedule a return visit sometime soon. Great humour as always Ian, yet another fun article to read and some superb photos from the iPhone. I’m sometimes really impressed at what my old iPhone 5 can do, although I do prefer to use the big camera, but it’s not always convenient to lug it around.

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