Tuesday 17th July 2018

This is a view from the top of our latest campsite, Camping Le Village des Meuniers. The campsite is far more peaceful than we initially thought it would be when we saw the facilities that they had for children. The campsite was well run with lots to do for all ages, the kids looked like they were having fun but thankfully that was all in a separate area!


One of the attractions of this place that was loved by all was the pond and the petting zoo, although Jane nearly jumped out of her skin when  a frog jumped over her foot and dived into the water! Jane also loved all the little animals in the zoo, goats, hamsters, pot belly pigs and chickens, I did have to remind her that she should let the little ones have a look!


This is the view that we had from our pitch for a couple of days…………………..


………..until something unthinkable happened and someone arrived on the opposite pitch and put up a tent, some people are just thoughtless! We still had a great view and nothing was going to spoil my breakfast.  It took me a while longer that day as Jane had decided on cereal that morning, and I had to eat the lot because as you know French bread goes stale very quickly!


With an abundance of all different types and varieties of wine we found ourselves quality controlling a bottle or so most evenings, so we decided to cut our intake down to only one bottle a night and then Jane found the ideal bottle!

These two photos are a bit out of sync, they were taken as we watched the World Cup Final in the bar at the campsite.  The shot on the left was taken with two minutes to go and the one on the right was taken two minutes after the final whistle……………….we both thought that being in France when they won the World Cup, we would be involved in one big wild party, but alas we weren’t so we headed back to the caravan and selected one of Jane’s choice of wines!


This area of France that we were staying in was Burgundy, of which we knew very little, but soon found that we were falling for its charm, the rolling hills, the small villages, quiet roads and interesting towns. The nearest town to us was Charolles, and we decided to take a drive through the winding lanes and explore. Our intention was just to have a quick look around and then head back for a spot of bread and cheese back at the van.


After about an hour or so of walking around in the heat we thought that a cooling drink before the drive home would be a good idea. We passed a small bistro that looked ideal to stop at and partake of a beverage, and whilst waiting for our order to be taken I noticed that roast lamb was on the menu du jour………… after 20 seconds of deliberation we decided that eating out would be a good idea, and the meal was delicious!

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1 Response to Dompierre-les-Ormes

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks lovely there. You did manage to pick some fantastic spots to camp and visit, and many place names I have never heard of either.
    The view through the gateway near the end is definitely picture postcard material.
    Only 2 weeks to our holiday…

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