Camping St Louis


Camping St Louis is our last campsite in France for this trip, it is a small site, normally used as an overnight stop by most of its customers as it is only 1/2 an hours drive from Calais. We have decided on a longer stay here as we don’t really know this area of France at all, as like most people we just use Calais as a gateway to this lovely country.


The area around the campsite was pretty flat so this was ideal for a bit of exploring by bike, not only are the roads flat but they are remarkably traffic free so this makes for a lovely carefree cycle!


After our “tour de france” on the bikes it was time for a healthy meal with local ingredients  cooked “al fresco”, always the best way to eat when camping!


We visited the town of Calais on a rare overcast day for us on this holiday. Jane had said that she wanted to see the burgers of Calais and I was obviously up for that, only to find that The Burghers of Calais was a statue by Rodin depicting the 6 leading dignitaries of the town that surrendered to English forces in 1346 to enable a siege of the town to be lifted.


I thought the statue looked great, but when you have your heart set on a cheeseburger…………


Where is the clock?………. Oh thanks !


After Calais we drove along  some of the Côte d’Opale which stretches for over 120 kilometres from the Belgian border to the border of Picardy. This was a very scenic drive, however the weather on this occasion was a little unkind to us and we  couldn’t really enjoy the views.


We did take a little stroll along a huge great wide beach, and I saw in the distance an unusual looking object and decided that a closer inspection was needed. It was strange to see the wreck of a ship in the middle of these pristine sands, apparently it as left there to encourage wildlife and whilst I was there a couple of children had netted some small crabs.


This is mussel beach French style, not be confused with muscle beach in California………..!

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1 Response to Camping St Louis

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks very nice there, even if you didn’t get the burger that you were expecting 😉
    I guess most people don’t get a chance to visit Calais, it’s just a port where they embark/disembark, and they are usually in a rush to get there or having arrived in a rush to get where they are going. Northern France, well all of France is lovely, very scenic.
    We are counting down the days to our holiday, off to Alicante on Sunday and can’t wait to get away to the land of sun and Sangria.

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