Rory’s Birthday Party


Saturday 28th July 2018

Now I know you might think I’m a little remiss on this particular episode of my blog, but I did my best. We were invited to Rory’s 1st birthday party near Chichester by his proud mum and dad, Rose and Graham, and I appear to have got photos of everyone else except them!  The photo above is of doting grandparents Marisa and Chris, who both thoroughly enjoyed the day with their grandson, though from what I could see there was a competition between them as to who could get the longest cuddle!

I did manage to get a photo of one big kid (sorry not Rory!) but it was only Kev, and he was in competition with me to see who could eat the most jelly and ice-cream……….it was an honourable draw!


Another big kid was Jane who was totally engrossed playing with one of Rory’s new toys, and she wouldn’t let me have a go!


Tracy kept herself amused with the push-along car, but was a bit disappointed that Kev couldn’t get on it!


But Kev thanked her for trying……………


……….and it all ended happily ever after………even the car was smiling!

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