Cerys’s Christening


Sunday 5th August 2018

When Terry and Sammie  invited us to attend the christening of their youngest daughter Cerys, in Newquay, we were delighted as we had sadly missed the christenings for their other lovely daughters Ffion and Seren. I can’t believe it was five years ago since we had all got together at their wedding, and it’s great to see how well they have grown together as a couple and as a family.


So it was great to meet up with such a large part of Jane’s side of the family and in such a beautiful part of the country.


There were also new members of the family that I had never met before, and it was a great pleasure to see meet Ffion and Seren for the first time. What a lovely family they make, and it was great to see everyone so happy.


The church was very warm and welcoming and the vicar was friendly and funny, and had a great way of making everyone feel at home. Cerys was a bit hungry at the start of the service so during a break for her lunch the vicar told us a few corny jokes……….which I have now added to my repertoire. Whilst shaking his hand as I left the church I passed comment on his jokes and he asked me if I would like to hear a slightly rude joke, to which I of course replied in the affirmative!………..Jane nearly fell off her pew…………..if you want to know more you will have to ask me next time we meet, I’m not going to print it here!


The three lovely and delightful Creswick girls, Jane, Marisa and Tracy, with Tracy’s equally delightful daughter Sam and granddaughter Kira. (I wonder if I will get any brownie points?)


David and Sam pose with their usual trademark tongue smile!


Mum and Dad (Terry and Sammie) with Cerys and Nan!


Stan and Tracy catching up and talking about the old times.  It was lovely to be able to sit out in the garden and enjoy the sun!


The brothers and sister all together sitting in the sun enjoying a cooling drink!


One very happy nan with one of her four lovely granddaughters, Tracy was definitely in her element that day, and the smile says it all!

Version 2

After a great day around Terry and Sammie’s, us oldies went out to the pub for a Sunday roast. Kev chose the Fox’s Revenge in Summercourt, which was near our new campsite (not Rosebud Farm!) and their guesthouses. The restaurant was great and the food was delicious, however the barman looked a little perturbed when Marisa, having misheard what was on offer, asked for a full Brazilian rather than a cooled Chilean when asking for the wine!  Other than that I can highly recommend this place.



Monday 6th August 2018

It was just as well that, when walking along the clifftop at Bedruthan Steps I had forgotten my scythe, as Jane told me to put my shirt on in case I was mistaken for Ross Poldark!   I tried a few different poses, stomach out, stomach in and stomach normal, but it was no good she said I definitely looked roly poly………I must get my hearing checked!


Jane looked far more elegant, but then again she always does!


We both adore Cornwall and we love it whatever the weather, but it has to be said that on a day like this there is no finer place in the world to sit and eat your sandwiches!


Another really great thing about a visit to Cornwall is we get to see Dave and Sally-Anne. It is especially good when we get the chance to return their hospitality and this time invite them around to our home! I have known Dave since we were both 16 years old and worked at Sainsbury’s in Farnham……….it’s amazing how quick those 10 years have passed!


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1 Response to Cerys’s Christening

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks like everyone had a great time, and how can you not have a great time in Cornwall, it’s such a lovely part of the world. We enjoy watching Poldark as well, and have visited the Lavant Mine where some fo the scenes were filmed, but not the cliffs and bay which are featured in every episode. Last went there on honeymoon 8 years ago, must make an effort to go back soon.

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