Getting Up To Date


It has been a few weeks since I have updated my blog, so here goes! During this time of not travelling  I have met up with with lots of old friends and met many new ones!  David Lloyd has asked me to resurrect the walking club that Rosie and I used to run a few years ago when the club was under another name, and it was great fun choosing a few interesting local routes!


And I am pleased to say that more and more people are joining us with each new walk. We are very lucky to live in this beautiful area of the country, and have access to some stunning walks without having to travel too far from the club. (If anyone wants to come along and join me for any of these walks, you will find the details posted on the wall in the club behind reception, or alternatively leave a comment on the blog and I will get back to you.) I think its always good to start a walk from a cafe or a pub as there is then that added incentive to make sure you get back to the venue before it closes!


Although it looks breezy in this photo we had a lovely 5 mile walk alongside the River Hamble this Sunday morning (16th September)


Most mornings these days I meet up with mates from the gym…………..


But as you can see from the time on the clock, now I’m retired I’m getting there later and later. Still if I want to make sure I keep my finely honed body in perfect shape I still need to make the time and effort !!!!!!!!


There are some unusual sights at the gym including “breakfast guy”, who always eats his meal in the changing room. I can think of far more pleasant places myself …………………


Namely the David Lloyd cafe where you are always greeted by a winning smile from the shy retiring bar staff !


I am often called upon by Ray and Roger to help them out on the more challenging of the crossword clues, but true to form I very seldom come up with a sensible answer!


If I’m not attending the gym in the mornings then 18 holes of golf at the stunning Hockley golf course are an ideal way for me to pass the time. The course is beautiful and a real challenge, and so are the sausage baps at the end!


I took my nieces, Esme and Zena, geocaching for the first time during their school holidays.  They said they enjoyed it or were they just humouring their Uncle????? I think the ice-cream at the end helped in their enjoyment of the day!


My now not so little nephew has just passed his driving test, and first time too! Now its time for him to start taking me and his Auntie Jane out for the day, but not to the seaside as he lives very close to Bognor Regis.  I’m hoping for a trip to Windsor Castle, that should be ideal for any 17 year old!


Bognor pier, looking stark against the grey skies!


Kev and Val came down to see us to discuss our next adventure to Spain (where I’m writing this!) and it was great to see them making sweet music together at Hilliers Gardens in Ampfield!


Esme gets Baptised

My niece Esme got baptised on the 9th September in my old school hall, what a great opportunity to have a good old nose around!


It was the first time that I had returned there for over 40 years.  The main building hadn’t changed much at all, except there has been a lot of updating going on, who would of thought they would have carpets in schools, whatever next ?


They have also built a new library outside of the main building, (the old library held such fond memories for me of Miss Roberts who taught english there in the early 70’s, happy days)


Esme looking radiant after her baptism!

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3 Responses to Getting Up To Date

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Sounds like you have been really busy. Missed catching up with you at DL, think I have been going in a bit later, struggling to get up at the weekends. Maybe it’s an age thing 😦

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