Llanes and Picos de Europa

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Friday 21st September 2018

A short drive from our campsite was the small seaside town of Llanes.  We were told that this was a ‘must visit’ area as the beaches are so lovely and not to be missed. The drive there was beautiful as the road ran alongside the coastline on one side and the Picos de Europa mountains on the other.


The north coast of Spain has the “feel” of Cornwall about it, the lovely sandy bays and rocky coastline are so similar that you expect to be able to buy a pastie and a glass of cider but all you can find is sangria and calamari!


This is Playa Gulpiyuri, it is a very small inland tidal beach with the sea making its way through the caves to this little beauty spot. My thanks go to José Fernando Calcerrada, a Spansh friend of mine from the gym who has kindly produced me a map of the lesser known places that we must see on our travels.  Everywhere has been great so far and I will show you the rest as this journey continues.


It is very unusual to see a completely enclosed beach where you can’t see the sea


Ideal if you don’t like a sea breeze……


Mind you if the sun was shining you would have to get there early to get a space……….


A short stroll up the hill and you can see the sea………


………and the rocky coastline……… not much chance of being able to swim here unless you want to jump of the cliff……….I decided against it although Jane did think it was a good idea!


On our way back to the campsite we drove through the Picos de Europa. These are a small but perfectly formed mountain range very close to the coast. The drive was spectacular…………………


…………the only problem, as far as I was concerned, was that there was far too few places to stop, take photos and admire the views………….


……….one of the only places I managed to stop gave me the opportunity to pose by a road sign, silly and childish I know, but what else would you expect from me?

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7 Responses to Llanes and Picos de Europa

  1. Julian says:

    Hi Ian, don’t know which direction you are heading,
    but for more “Cornish beaches” Llanfranc area which is
    east of Gerona . Lovely seaside villages etc.
    Stop off at Girona, nice town and Figueres to see the
    Salvador Dali museum(where he was born and lived
    Just a thought but may be out of your planned route!!
    Have a great trip anyway,
    Julian( club) !!

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    The beaches look lovely and unspoilt, especially the inland one, very different. I agree with Julian, Gerona is a great city to visit. A walk around the walls (great views), the cathedral, and the Saturday market in the park. We are off to Barcelona in 3 weeks, can’t wait to be back in Spain, even if it’s just for a few days.

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  3. deborah del pozo gomez says:

    Nice article about northern Spain. Just so you know that the most tradicional drink in northern Spain (specially in Asturias county) is actually cider. I am very surprise about the fact that you have drunk more sangria than cider! Next time you visit the north, ask for a chigre, and a good ‘escanciador’ will show you a diferent way to taste cider 😉

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