Candás & Carreño


Saturday 22nd September 2018

Often the worst times when towing a caravan occur when entering or leaving a campsite.  When I say worst times what I really mean is that it is generally the most stressful time for me, as some campsites are situated in the most difficult places to access!  This was one of those sites, a very steep entrance followed by a narrow gate, then narrow roads with high concrete kerbs followed by a sharp 90 degree turn down a 1-in-3 hill, and then a pitch not quite long enough for the van so we had to park it diagonally!


The reason that everything was so tight was that this particular campsite was more geared up for seasonal campers and semi-permanent residents and not really for tourers like us.  Having said all that, the views were lovely and the staff were great.  We arrived on Saturday hoping to stay 2 nights, only to find that they were now semi-closed for the season and only open at week-ends (on a Friday and Saturday night) but we were allowed to stay all on our own for the Sunday night.


So on Monday morning we awoke to a deserted campsite!


Anyhow a bit of backtracking first.  Saturday night, after a little bit of a rest from the driving, we set off to explore and do a bit of shopping. We did get a bit lost on the way to the supermarket but I don’t mind losing my way when the scenery is so lovely!


Candás is the next town along the coast from where we were staying and it reminded me a little bit of Padstow.



The walk around the headland provided us with some stunning views



The lighthouse


The Church


Kev was feeling slightly grumpy after all the walking, not quite sure what he has got in his hand!



Great views on the way back to town!


I was going to practise my high-diving but the tide was out, oh well maybe next time!


The sun goes down on another great day as the old men play petanque behind our caravans!

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3 Responses to Candás & Carreño

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks terrific. Spain has so many lovely places to visit. I’m not sure I would be good at manoevering the caravan around tight corners though.

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    • It takes a lot of practice, I was very nervous to start with, I always take the tight manoeuvres very slowly!


      • Tony Payne says:

        Very sensible. The best I can relate to is when we moved house several years ago and I borrowed the truck from work. I backed it up the alley at the back of the house, went too far over the drivers side, got stuck, couldn’t go back or forward. Fortunately another neighbour with a 4×4 managed to tow us out. Think I will give having a caravan (or any kind of trailer) a miss.

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