Keeping Fit


Sunday 23rd September

A short walk from our campsite in Carreña was a disused tram line which had been converted into a walkway.


The path followed the coastline and afforded us some fantastic views of the waves crashing on the cliffs.

IMG_1582 2

The area that caught everybody’s attention was the the gym. Now I promise you that our walk started at midday and at this point not a drop of alcohol had passed our lips, but from the strange looks we got from the passing Spaniards you wouldn’t have guessed it!


Captions PLEASE!!!


If you think this photo is funny you should see the video!!!!


The more these two egged each other on the more we all laughed!


Thank goodness there were no ‘accidents’ or we would have had to cut the walk short!

IMG_1583 2

The laughter was so loud that it even woke this little fellow up, he was fast asleep inside one of the hand rails!


At the end of our keep-fit walk and gym session the only thing left to do would be to go for a quick dip in the sea……………..but common sense prevailed and we all went back to our vans and had a glass of wine instead!

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1 Response to Keeping Fit

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Love the gym in the park! They have some of those in the USA. as well. The beach looks lovelym but the sea looks a bit chilly. Back to the vans for a glass of wine sounds like a good plan.

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