O Muiño


Now where did they get that idea from? Great minds think alike! We met this van along with its Welsh owners (sorry I have forgotten their names!) at the FANTASTIC O Muiño campsite…………..


This site is in a really lovely position, right on the coast. As you can see we were lucky enough to secure two of the best pitches ……………..


The walk to the beach took us all of 30 seconds…………..


And if we couldn’t be bothered to walk there, we could just look out of the window


The coastline reminded me of parts of Highway One in California, the bit from San Francisco down to Los Angeles, but the best part of this road was that there was hardly any traffic! The busiest I ever saw this road was with the walkers doing the Portuguese Way from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela, a journey of some 620 kilometres. There are many travel companies who will organise your hotels along the way and take your luggage on for you too, mind you there were a few hardy souls that were lugging huge great rucksacks on their backs!


When you have views like this then it’s not really a hassle hanging out the washing, and with a gentle on-shore breeze it’s dry in no time!


Val decided that she was going to make the local delicacy of winkle and seaweed soup, so when the tide was out she set about exploring all the rock pools. She found plenty of seaweed but had a big problems with the little winkles……..maybe Kev can help her with that! So it was Heinz tomato soup instead for tea that night!



Early the next morning Kev and I set off to climb the local mountain.  Armed with a bottle of mineral water and a very basic map on my phone, we set off and climbed high into the hills.


It’s only when you decide it’s time to come down that you realise that a basic map on an i-phone is not necessarily the best thing to help you in this situation! Although the picture above of the rutted track down doesn’t look steep, I can assure you it was and I’m glad there wasn’t a photographer around to catch my rather ungainly and rapid descent towards the end. I’m glad to say there was nothing hurt but my pride!


I was glad to see Jane hadn’t been wasting her time reading when I got back and she was busy ironing away, it can be somewhat annoying if my pants aren’t pressed in time for me in the mornings !


The next morning a sea mist had set in and it didn’t shift all day.  There was the odd glimmer of sunshine but it didn’t deter these cyclists out for their Sunday morning 50k ride!


I just took a 5 mile walk along the camino trail to get a bit of exercise before breakfast….


I’m not sure if I would risk standing up there to catch my Sunday lunch!


As the foggy weather was set in for the day we decided to take a trip to Vigo.  We might not have seen the best side of this city but we weren’t that impressed with what we saw, that said the sun was shining here and we did see the statue of Jules Verne. Mind you I’m not sure what I sat on but it did give me itchy tentacles!


That evening we went back to our base camp and met up with Kev and Val, and then we decided to head towards Baiona, the nearest big town to our campsite, along the coast for a meal.


The light through the sea mist was quite eerie …………..


and as we walked around the castle walls before choosing our restaurant …………….


I took the opportunity  to get a few photos of the very unusual scenes that this weather pattern had created.


After a lovely stroll along the ramparts it was time for some food, I choose the locally caught scallops, and they were great!

At the end of a hard days sight seeing the best thing to do is……………..


Watch the sun go down with a glass of wine and a pork chop!

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1 Response to O Muiño

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Wow what an amazing place and what a great place to camp as well. Definitely views that can’t be beaten, although I wonder what it would be like with a force 9 blowing and waves crashing over the caravan?
    Intriguing statue of Jules Verne, I hope your tentacles are better now 😉

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