A Guarda


Tuesday 2nd October 2018

About 20k South of Baiona is a small fishing village called A Guarda.  We visited there for a little top-up of shopping, a quick stroll and some lunch. The shopping was unexciting, the stroll was very pleasant but the main event, the lunch, was fantastic! As we were in a fishing village the only thing to eat at lunchtime, or at any time come to that, would be fish. We chose a small restaurant with a lovely view overlooking the port.  We both decided on monkfish tails and tiger prawn kebabs for our main course, and it was delicious and so filling that neither of us had room for dessert!  I know there is a lot about food on the our blog but it is a bit of a hobby with me, and food is the only thing I eat and is very important to me!


After a hectic day it’s always great to watch the sun sink slowly into the sea……………



And if you have a glass of something chilled in your hand at the same time then so much the better!


Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Campidouro on the banks of the river Douro was our base for the next few nights so that we could visit the city of Porto. When we arrived we were the only campers on site but we knew K&V would be along shortly, so no problem there then. We had received a call from Kev on our drive down to say he had a minor problem with the car and that a breakdown service was on its way and they would continue their journey shortly. Well that minor problem turned out to be rather larger than expected and the car needed a new turbo (Kev wouldn’t find that out until the next day) and it was therefore undriveable.  All this took virtually all day long to sort out, with the car being  transported to the garage on the back of a lorry and leaving K&V stuck in a lay-by with their caravan waiting for hours for someone to tow them to a local campsite….more of which in a future blog!



We were oblivious to the enormity of their problems and as the sun began to set we were still the only campers on the site, and Jane was beginning to feel slightly uneasy about the whole situation. Then just as it was getting dark, we heard the welcome sound of a motorhome pulling up for the night………so we could all sleep safe and soundly secure in the knowledge that there were other people close by.  Mind you they could have been murderers for all we knew but at least Jane felt safe!

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3 Responses to A Guarda

  1. Roy & Val says:

    You got to be wary and cautious with some of these Motorhomers you know, shifty lot drink all your wine if your not careful 🤭

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    Wow what a lovely place to park, right next to the lake (or is it a river). Nothing better than eating next to the waters edge.

    Liked by 1 person

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