Early Mornings


I always wake early in the mornings, I suppose this goes back to me having to get to the  shop early to prepare for an early opening.  I always used to go for a swim on the way to work to stretch my back and so that I would be awake and ready for action as soon as the doors were open.   Now when I am no longer working, I still get up early but instead I go to the gym  to get myself going and to maintain my finely honed body to the peak of perfection that that you have noticed in the photos!!!!!!!!…………..When we are away in the caravan I still need to get up and about early, just really to get going and to motivate me for the rest of the day. If the weather is good I like to go for a walk and to explore the area before many people are out and about.


There is also time to indulge one of my other hobbies…………taking photographs!


It is great to have this huge beach all to yourself……………..


The peace and quiet is lovely; the only thing you can hear is the waves lapping on the beach.


Mind you after a couple of miles walking on the sand it does get a little bit like hard work


So walking through the dunes on firmer ground seemed liked a far more sensible idea!


At the far end of the beach there was a great paved path which hugged the coastline for miles. It was there that I met up with 2 Australian ladies, Suzie and Teresa, who were walking from Porto to Santiago de Compostela, a distance of over 200 kilometres.


I joined them for about 5 miles of their journey for a chat, whether they wanted me to or not!  They had travelled over a few years earlier to do the northern pilgrimage, which is over 600 kilometres long.  It starts in France, goes over the Pyrenees and then continues along the northern coast of Spain.  They must be gluttons for punishment! So after giving them the benefit of my vast knowledge, and pointing them out the right direction for their continued travels, they set off.  I think I had slowed then down because as they departed they set off at a far faster pace!


When I got back to the caravan Jane was just getting up, and when I told her of the beautiful walk she thought it would be a good idea to try it for herself.  So with K&V we set off to do it again (I cheated a bit by driving to the start of the pathway!)


This part of Spain/Portugal is definitely an area that I will come back to and explore further!


I sat down on this rock to rest my weary legs and got a few strange looks……..I can’t understand why!


Val sat down drinking in the scenery.


Jane found some prehistoric artwork, perfectly preserved on top of a rock……….it’s amazing it has survived all these many years!!!!

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8 Responses to Early Mornings

  1. Roy & Val says:

    Re the Camino, you must watch ‘The Way’ starring Martin Sheen a really good ‘meaning of live’ experience.

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  2. Maggie & Kevs says:

    Looks like you should be in the circus with the shadow of yourself on the beach Ian.

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  3. Maggie & Kevs says:

    Still not jealous, well maybe a little bit! well actually loads. Having sold the Hymer, we are staying up in Birmingham for the Caravan & motor home show (taking turns as the dogs cant come in!) we wish we were in our motor home now, better food, more relaxed & a 10th of the price we are paying here. Wheres your next port of call? Love to you all

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    • We are in Cordoba today, what a lovely place to wander around! We are off to Granada tomorrow. Have you seen anything you fancy yet?


      • Maggie Doughty says:

        Yes a few things mainly Chausson, nice to dream. I love Cordoba such a beautiful city and Seville – I’ve so many stories . I would love to go to the Feria, one day. As you’re there go to Puerto de Santa María. Hopefully it’s not spoilt when I used to go there it was relatively unknown to the Brits. I always said if I ever moved to Spain it would be around there, away from the drunk Brits and the wind. But with Kev’s your never away from the wind! Back home, back to work, France in 2 months. x

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      • We are now in Granada so we will check those places you suggested next year!


  4. Tony Payne says:

    Love the photo of the footprints in the sand, that looks like an amazing beach. I wonder if it gets busy in the summer? I must get to Portugal one of these days.

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