Monday 15th October 2018

The news on Kev’s car wasn’t good so it was agreed that we should carry on our journey and meet up as soon as their car was mended. The aim was to rendezvous in Granada on Saturday when all of Kev and Val’s family were arriving to join them in a villa they were renting.  So we set off on a very blustery Monday morning to head south and to hopefully find some sunshine.  The drive took us about 2  1/2 days, mostly motorways but the last leg of this part of the journey to Còrdoba was on a lovely ‘A’ road through very quiet rolling countryside.

Our first day in Còrdoba was a little wet and windy, so we decided to have a drive around to get our bearings and then visit the city the next day when the weather was forecast to be a lot better.

Whilst driving around Jane spotted a sign directing us to a viewing point.  It was along one of those roads that the moment you have taken the turning you instantly regret it!  The road was very steep and uneven and then you start worrying if you will be able to turn around when you get to the top.


And when we did get to the top the view would have been great if it hadn’t been misty!


And then of course there was the drive back down to the main road!


The weather seemed set in for the day so we set off for one of Jane’s favourite destinations………..a hypermarket!



And whilst we were there it was mentioned that it was about time I had my hair cut.  It was a little difficult to try and explain exactly the style I had in mind, but with the help of a few photographs I managed to get the desired result and I think it will last me until we get home!




Friday 19th October 2018

The sun was back out so it was time to go and explore the city. We made a bit of an entrance as I managed to miss a no entry sign and ended up driving through a pedestrian area! Still it was definitely the quickest way to the car park!

IMG_2094 2

Còrdoba is a city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. It was an important Roman city and a major Islamic centre in the Middle Ages.


The Roman bridge.


The city is best known for La Mezquita, an immense mosque dating from 784 A.D, featuring a columned prayer hall….


and older Byzantine mosaics


It was beautiful !


It became a Catholic church in 1236…….


and a Renaissance-style nave was added in the 17th century.


It’s hard work all this sightseeing, and it can’t be done on an empty stomach, so it was squid and chips for lunch for me……….lovely!


My favourite place, though, was the Alcázar de los Reyes Christianos.  This stunning medieval building was beautiful but it was the gardens and all the water that set it apart for me.


The bright colours really came alive in the sunshine


Even the fish seemed to be enjoying themselves !


However the toilet facilities left a lot to be desired!


This is another Spanish city that I would highly recommend a visit to,  it was simply lovely !




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3 Responses to Córdoba

  1. Roy says:

    Great pictures you are really covering the miles, we are Northern Spain just past Bilbao

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tony Payne says:

    Wow looks amazing there. That road does look a bit dodgy, almost as bad as the one we had to take to the beach in Lanzarote. Took a lot of care to avoid the worst of the potholes.

    Liked by 1 person

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