Isla Plana


Friday 2nd November 2018

The next few blogs might be out of chronological order as for some strange reason some photographs are taking longer than others to download, I think its all to do with which camera I have used and what quality level they have been set at!  These photos were taken last Friday when Jane and I went for a late afternoon stroll to find a few Geocaches.


The early evening light with the sun struggling to break through the clouds was ideal for a few snaps.


There is a beautiful picture to the right-hand side of these people but they are so engrossed in their phones they are missing it!


I have not adjusted the colours of these photos at all, they are just as nature intended !


I have saved the best shot until last………..I think it’s the socks that give it that certain gravitas!


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3 Responses to Isla Plana

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Love it whenthe sun shines through the clouds. Not a lot of that today in Southampton, just lots of wind and rain.

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    • I have just looked out of the window this morning and the sun is just peeping it’s head out and the sky is clear. Today is our last full day in the south as tomorrow we head north towards Madrid and then back to Santander to catch the ferry home on the 18th. Not looking forward to an English winter!

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