A Villa Full Of Heards


We have finally got to meet all the rest of K&Vs family.  We had met Matt and Emma and the girls quite a few times before over the last few years, and we have heard lots and lots about the family, but this was the first time we were able to meet. The grandchildren were as lovely as they had been described by their doting grandparents, as were their daughters-in-law and I thought Owen and Phillip were as charming as they had been described by their mum and dad!


The family had all got together near Granada for half term in a villa rented out by K&V. It was great to see all the cousins getting on so well and enjoying all the wonderful facilities that this large villa had to offer. The kids were in the pool much of the time, but I only managed about 2 lengths as the water was soooooo cold!


I think the trick here was to for Manon to jump over the net that Inigo was holding and to dive through the rubber ring that Bryn is pointing to……………….

Meanwhile Ezuo was content crushing the shells of the almonds he had got from the tree in the garden, and eating the contents!


He wanted to wash them down with a sip of Kev’s beer………but Kev was having none of that!


Phillip and Gabby took time to savour the stunning views from the balcony as the sun was setting.


The villa was perched high in the hills and the view over Granada was breathtaking!


It was great entertainment just to watch the sun go down……………


With a glass of wine of course.

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1 Response to A Villa Full Of Heards

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Wow looks like that was an amazing villa! You finding the water too cold? That I find hard to believe. Actually the outside pool at JL has been really warm the last couple of weeks, very pleasant.

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