Tuesday 1st November 2018

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear……….and I will tell you all about our day trip to Cartagena.  This city is only a 45 minute drive away through some large hills with some great views. When we arrived we bought a ticket which allowed us entry in to all the sites of Roman ruins that we had come to visit.  These sites were dotted around the city so as you strolled from one to another you got a feel of the modern city as well.


One of the sites we visited was of a Roman town house where you could still see the outlines of all the rooms and with a few of the walls still intact, and the artwork on the walls still vibrant, you could get a sense of how a wealthy merchant might have lived.


The modern graffiti style art work grabbed your eye as you moved from one historic site to another…………


2,000 years ago the Romans had underfloor heating……………now we are just considering it for our new house!


This is the decoration on one of the walls from in a building which forms part of the Roman Forum.  In this area you can stroll along the ancient pavements of Carthage Nova and see many buildings from the thermal bath houses to the shrine of Serapis.


This area gradually fell into disrepair and got buried over the years.  It was rediscovered during fairly recent building works and is now a national monument which attracts many visitors every year.


The jewel in the crown as far as I was concerned was the Roman amphitheatre.  This huge building still maintains the level of grandeur from the days when it was built, and you can only wonder at what it must have been like before it fell into neglect and became the site of a local market!


The wings of the theatre are still there where the actors would wait for their moment of glory……….comedies were the most popular shows of the day!


From the top of the theatre you get a great view over the city!


This is the stage that has displayed the talents of many famous actors and singers………the hills are alive with the sound of……………….

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2 Responses to Cartagena

  1. Roy says:

    Loved this Romana – We enjoyed our visit and like yourselves had it nearly all to ourselves

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    Must add Cartagena to our bucket list I think. The proof that the Romans were great architects is there in the fact that so much is still standing even today. Amazing.

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