Evening Stroll


These rock formations were a short drive from our campsite. An ideal destination for an evening stroll and maybe a geocache.


Las Gredas de Bolnuevo, also called Ciudad Encantada, are heavily eroded sandstone formations along the beach of Bolnuevo, Murcia, Spain. The sandstone shapes are sculpted by water and wind over thousands of years and are considered as a monument of natural interest. The Ciudad Encantada is formed by clay.


Its like a very small bit of monument valley.


This was my first earth-cache and Jane is there to prove we found it…….


A very pleasant way to while away a sunny evening and it was quite easy to find a parking space as well! We will soon have to say goodbye to these warm evenings as we start to head north to catch the ferry home!

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3 Responses to Evening Stroll

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    What’s your geocaching name?

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    Is that where they flmed some of the spaghetti westerns?


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