Royal Palace of Aranjuez


Tuesday 13th November 2018

We left southern Spain on Monday morning to embark on our long journey through the middle of the country towards Santander to catch our ferry home. We aimed to get the majority of the drive under our belts on the first day, leaving us two more leisurely drives to follow and to arrive near Santander on Friday evening.  Val had read about the Royal Palace at Aranjuez and that the gardens were a match for those at Versailles near Paris. The top photo shows you the view we had from our pitch on our campsite.


The Palace was only a short walk from where we were staying and it was great to be able to stretch our legs after yesterday’s long drive.


We had left the dry summery weather of the Mediteranean  with its arid landscape the previous day, and had arrived here in the  middle of Spain with its more more lush countryside in Autumn!

DSC_2846 2

The bright sunshine totally enhanced the brilliant colours of the Autumn leaves!


Jane and Val got in to full modelling mode, I think this was due to the interest that Kev and I took in a glamour shoot that was going on nearby!


Everywhere I looked there seemed to be a photo opportunity so I make no excuses on the  quantity of pictures on this particular blog!


To get to the Palace we first had to walk through the local park………


Aranjuez is a town on the River Tagus in central Spain, south of Madrid. Its Renaissance, French-influenced Royal Palace has an elaborate facade and a lavishly decorated interior, including a porcelain room.  On the grounds, by the river, are ornamental gardens like the Jardín de la Isla. In the Prince’s Garden is the Casa del Labrador, an ornate neoclassical mansion, plus an ornamental pond with a Chinese Pavilion.

(Ok I did copy that from Wikipedia, but I thought you might like to know!)



Being able to visit these places out of season is great as you don’t have to contend with too many other people!


Also without too many other tourists it’s easier to get the photos you want without too much waiting!


Mind you the ducks are always happy to pose!


These long avenues of shady trees must give some welcome relief from the sun during the height of the summer!

As would dipping your hands in the cooling waters of the many fountains that are contained in these extensive gardens.


There is also a maze should the fancy take you, not too difficult as I was tall enough to see over the hedges!


We didn’t get to go in to the palace on this occasion as it seemed a shame to waste this gloriously sunny day, and besides, the geocaches were all outside!  We will definitely be back to this area again as I have never visited Madrid before. I’m not so sure I would take my caravan through Madrid again, but thats another story……………..

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Wow what a beautiful place, and a perfect time of year to visit with all the autumn colours too.


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