Christmas Preparations 2018


Wednesday 19th December 2018

Christmas has now become something that I actually look forward to now that I am not working. When I had the shop all Christmas meant to me was a lot of hard work and then 2 days off and then back to work! Now I can get out and see some of the Christmas attractions and get in to the festive spirit.


We took dad out for a visit to the National Trust property of Mottisfont which is just down the road from us. We are frequent visitors here due to the proximity and it is great to see the flowers and trees as the seasons change. They also have different exhibitions throughout the year and on this trip the house was set up as it would have been for a 1930s Christmas.


It was interesting to see how the other half enjoyed their festive season between the wars!


The chandelier in the picture was very similar to the one we used to have at home…………but I got fed up with dusting it so we changed back to a normal light bulb!


Outside the house were a family of reindeer ………


…………and the red shiny nose really brightened up a rather overcast day!


I wouldn’t have minded getting that car in my Christmas sack all those years ago……..come to think about it I would quite like it now!


I’m not so sure on the book, I would have been a little disappointed if I had not got my usual copy of the Beano annual !


So we had a short but sweet visit to Mottisfont.  The next exhibition is of Thelwells paintings (young girls on plump ponies) and that starts on January 5th.

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2 Responses to Christmas Preparations 2018

  1. Tony Payne says:

    We haven’t been to Mottisfont in a good 5 years or so, must go back soon.

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