Christmas Day


25th December 2018

After a hearty breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs there  was time for a quick walk to clear our heads before the preparations for Christmas dinner began.


We had prepared a lot of the vegetables before-hand so with Jane, Charlotte and myself all working together it all went very easily.


Zena was pleased that her Aunt Bessie had made the yorkshire puddings (everything else was homemade!)


Dad really enjoyed having everyone around…………and he managed a huge meal!


Eleanor seemed a little distracted………but after a little gentle persuasion she put her phone down and joined in with everyone else!


A rare picture of Eleanor without her phone!


I’m not saying that Zena and Esme are posers……….but a picture paints a thousand words!


You can’t believe the noise that 6 women can make whilst playing cards…………so much so that Dad, Paul and I retired to the lounge to watch yet more Morecambe and Wise!

We all had a great Christmas and I hope you all did too!


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