Fatehpur Sikri


En route to Jaipur (after our “quick” stop at the marble factory) we stopped off at Fatehpur Sikri, an uninhabited ancient city built by the great Mugal Emperor Akbar as his capital in the late 16th century.


This is another World Heritage site that we can tick off our list, and we are lucky enough to be visiting quite a few more sites on this trip.


The English established an administrative centre here in 1803 and it lasted until 1850.


In 1815 the Marquess of Hastings ordered repairs of the monuments at Sikri


When you visit a place like this you are amazed to think that this was built in the 1500’s. I was having a field day taking photographs, so much so that Jane was always having to check where I was in case I had wondered off somewhere and was going to miss the coach!


Jane also tried to get in to the act with an unsuccessful attempt at hide and seek!


This place has had extensive renovations but there are still a lot more to do!


We were lucky on our visit here as there weren’t too many people around when we arrived and we had the place almost to ourselves!



I had to wait for the local Faqir to move out of the way so that I could take this photo  He took ages to get out of shot, he was probably the most awkward Faqir that I have come across so far this holiday!


You can just about make out the views through the archways – you can see the countryside for miles around!


It’s nice when you travel abroad this time of year to see the trees in leaf and the flowers in full bloom!


This deserted city is the ideal place to find a bit of peace and quiet and some solitude…….and catch up with your facebook!

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3 Responses to Fatehpur Sikri

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Another amazing place to visit. At the end of last summer, I was reading the “Sharpe’s” series by Bernard Cornwell, and the first books cover Sharpe’s life in the army in India. It would be fascinating to see some of these places, which in some ways haven’t changed that much I imagine. Definitely nice to see everything in bloom, India is a lovely country.

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  2. Roy Chestnutt says:

    Takes an awkward Faqir to know another awkward Faqir ….

    Liked by 1 person

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