The first port of call on our two week cruise around the Middle East and India was Dubai. We had landed here less than 24 hours before on our mad dash to catch the ship, so we had already had a taste of the high rise city.


The road system in this mega city was, as you would expect, far more organised than we had been used to in the past week. The coach driver told us that the speed limit for his vehicle was 80kmph, with large fines for going just 1km over the limit!


We took an open-top bus tour to get a feel of this futuristic city where it appears that no expense has been spared to get the biggest and “supposedly” best buildings in the world. The largest indoor skiing centre in the world is situated here in one of the many huge shopping malls. We heard that they even have an M&S, and Jane was a little disappointed that we didn’t manage to find it!


We have ridden on quite a few open top buses whilst we have been travelling, but this one was probably the warmest and at one stage I had to put on my jumper  to avoid my arms getting burnt from the blazing sun.


The Burj Al Arab is the world’s only 7 star hotel and has been designed in the shape of a dhow’s (Arabian boat) sail. So if you feel like treating yourself you could try a suite for about $19,000 a night.  Disappointingly for us we had booked a table on board our ship and didn’t want to let them down so we decided not to stay here!


You can see this hotel from a long way off so you would always find your way home, mind you that wouldn’t really be a problem because the courtesy cars are Rolls Royces and if that doesn’t suit there is always a helicopter on hand to meet your travel needs!


The Burg Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 160 storeys high, and if you fancy a cocktail there is an outdoor terrace in the world’s highest lounge which is at a height of 585 metres from the ground!


The Frame is fast becoming one of Dubai’s main attractions for tourists and residents alike.  It is 150m tall with a bridge connecting the two towers and one of its unique features is that the bridge is made from opaque glass with underlying liquid crystal which becomes clear when a visitor steps on it………not for me!!!!


I think one of the best jobs in this city is to be a window cleaner…………


I thought the best part of Dubai was the old part.  With the dhows moored on the quayside loading their cargo the atmosphere felt more “alive'” than the clinical feel of the modern city……….


This part of the city seemed more real and I only wish we had started our tour of Dubai here because I would have liked to spend more time here to explore.  Mind you I wasn’t too disappointed that we didn’t get to the gold souk…….it might have cost me dearly!


I don’t think I will be rushing back to Dubai as I found it a rather soulless place.  (I hope I don’t get arrested for cyber crimes if I do have to change planes there again!!!) The old quarter would be my only reason to explore further!


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  1. Tony Payne says:

    So much seems unreal in Dubai, it’s amazing what unlimited amounts of money can create. I know a few people who have been, but it’s not on my list.

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