Cochin (also known as Kochi) is a city in the southwest of India’s Kerala state. it has been a port since 1341, when a flood carved out its harbour and opened it up to Arab, Chinese and European merchants. The Cantilevered Chinese fishing nets in the photos above have been used for centuries.


This ferry was taking people to work as we sailed in to our berth; I’m not sure that they could fit anyone else on!


We had chosen a trip from the ship to see the canals of Kerala………


Kerala is famous for its houseboats which for many years have been home for the locals, though these days more of them are used as floating hotels.


Although some of the locals have still got their houses moored to the river bank………


There are many smaller tributaries leading off from the main canal, which look very inviting, but our boat was way too big for us to go and explore!


All life can be seen on the water – here they are off to do a bit of shopping after having picked up the kids from school……..


There is plenty of parking available available at the side of the main canal………….


…… which is just as well because it’s busy on the main drag!


But there are still places where you can find a bit of peace and quiet and cross from one side to the other….


I’m not too sure if its legal to row and talk on the phone at the same time but with that hat on I’m sure the police won’t see him!


There are many ways to get picked up from school, you can go in the minibus …………


Or get your grandad to pick you up……………


Or if you are one of the older girls you just walk home!


Well that’s the last of the kids on their way back home “just sit down mum, or we will tip over!”


Why have a washing machine when you have a river running by your back door?


It was obviously washing day as we cruised by on our pleasure boat………


And if you haven’t got a washing line there is always a handy tree!

Everywhere you looked there was either someone doing the washing or getting it dry!


What a good looking bunch cruising down the canals of Kerala, that’s Mike and Sue in the background.  They are the couple who showed us how to make the most out of an all inclusive drinks package!


Now those of you who know me would never have thought you would see a photo like this – me eating a curry and drinking a beer………….both things I don’t really like but when in Rome……. (what do you think of the new shirt?)

Alongside the canals are paddy fields and the rice here has been harvested and left out in the sun to dry, then bagged and loaded aboard a boat ready to go to the market.



When you live on or around the canals everything you need has to be readily available to you, especially medical services !

As you can imagine there were photo opportunities at every turn, so here are just a few more random shots!


Well if your husband has taken the boat to work then you just have to walk to the shops!


More tourists!


A friendly wave from a fisherman on his way home with a full catch!



One last look at the Chinese fishing nets before we head back to the ship!


One last thing to negotiate before we get back on board and that’s the market…..can we avoid it????


No chance….. after a bit of haggling everyone got what they wanted at the right price!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks like it was really hot and sticky there. A nice change from the city I guess, still crowded but it looks a bit more relaxed.

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