The People of India


Here are just a few candid pictures of the people I saw whilst  travelling with Jane  in India.


One thing you notice straight away are the bright colours that everyone wears, some by choice………


Some because they look cool!


and some because they just have to!


Most people that I met were only too happy to pose for a few pictures, but others, mainly in the towns and cities often asked for a few rupees!


Others were so engrossed in their own little world that they didn’t even notice me taking a snap!


Some looked like they might be rather hot, especially when they have to wear the burka!


Some just proud to be in front of their own store!


Some looked like they were having a lot of fun after a hard day at school!


Some just liked acting a little coy!


Some were just enjoying a romantic interlude!

DSC_4127 2

Some were just rushing off to their next lesson!

Some off to lunch and some lucky enough to be off home!


Some were happy just to make a sale!

Some were barely able to keep a roof over their heads!

P1010875 2

Some, well most actually, were striving to make a living!


Some had the entrepreneurial spirit to make a living, I think it would have driven me nuts though!


Some had the knack of keeping an old machine going………….


While his mates were just larking about!


Some were not afraid of a little bit of hard work…………..


Or in this case a lot of hard work…………


Some were happy just keeping their little patch of India clean and tidy……………


Some, especially  in the cities were eager to get to the next money making opportunity!


Whether  you were working in an up and coming auto spares shop…………….

IMG_3774 2

Or India’s answer to Kwik Fit ……………


You just had to have some angle…….


to make enough money to survive!


You never found yourself too far away from a roadside snack, and if you were all you have to do is wait a minute and one would come to you!


This hectic, frantic, lively and energetic society just keeps buzzing along from dawn to dusk and then some!


With so many bicycles and motorbikes you take your life in your hands just crossing the roads. This is one of the rare occasions you could make a dash for it, this chap didn’t look the type to knock you down!


Wherever we went people were always very welcoming, and we were always greeted with a  polite wave and a smile………..


And the traditional salutation of “namaste”!


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2 Responses to The People of India

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    Great photos – an excellent record of your holiday

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Tony Payne says:

    India is certainly a gold mine if you like taking pictures of people and their surroundings. You got some really good ones in the collection.

    Liked by 1 person

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