Life On Board The Constellation


I have never been a great fan of curries so it was with great delight that I boarded the Constellation and knew that food wouldn’t be an issue for the next two weeks!


It was nice to get onboard ship safe in the knowledge that we didn’t have to get up early anymore to catch a coach to our next destination.  Here we could have a meal, take in a show, have a few drinks and when we woke in the morning…………….


we were already at our next port of call.


Most mornings I got up early to go to the gym.  It was quite nice to walk outside on the deck as the sun was rising at that time of the day and it was so peaceful.


Also at the other end of the day it was great to stay up on deck sipping a cocktail and watch the sun sink slowly into the sea!


I don’t know where Jane got this fish from but it tasted delicious!


During the day it could be a bit of a struggle to get a sun lounger next to the pool so we had to venture to the front of the ship to do our sunbathing…………


Even the sight of me in my best poolside attire didn’t put anyone off (and you can’t see the knee-length black socks!)


Not a bad place to have a morning coffee and check the emails!


Jane warned me that if I didn’t cut down on the eating this life belt wouldn’t fit me! So of course I took this advice to heart and from then on only had two desserts with each meal!


You had to be up early to get a well-positioned sun bed.  The professional cruisers were out with their towels well before breakfast time. Already having a golden tan it didn’t bother me………….


I could always go to the back of the ship and watch a bit of telly!


Jane found a beverage that she liked so much she had it every day and sometimes several times a day.  Apparently it was called wine, and she would recommend it!



There were other drinks available on board and this likely looking couple introduced us to the finer points of cruising, namely the cocktail bar! Mike and Sue and Jane and I were often to be found here………..


watching the entertainment……..


and sampling the cocktail of the day!


It was always nice to meet a fellow traveller who had the same sense of sartorial elegance as myself.  I feel he went one better here with his socks matching his shirt!


We met another couple who were also called Mike and Sue which was great for us when it came to remembering everyone’s names!


Well here we are again at the Martini bar, just off to dinner, with Sue and Jane looking as lovely as ever and Mike his usual colour coordinated self!  What do you think of my new Indian shirt, is a little too subtle and understated?


There are many things I miss about the cruise, but the biggest thing is the breakfasts ……..


so until next time, farewell my little eggs benedict.  I will miss you!

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3 Responses to Life On Board The Constellation

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I have never really fancied going on a cruise, and I think what scares me most, other than hitting rough seas, is the food! I’m scared that I would end up gaining half a stone per day as I find it hard to resist good food. Looks like fun.

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    A good reason to get up a while before breakfast and to work up an appetite 🙂

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