Norfolk And Good!


Fish and chips in Cromer, delicious and very welcome after not too long a drive, but a very long time getting settled on the pitch. The time was spent trying to get a spot where I could get a signal for sky TV as I wanted to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones, and Jane had a few programmes she wanted to see. It has worked for us all around Europe and we even got Sky movies in the south of Spain, but one tree in north Norfolf was giving me a lot of grief! We eventually moved pitches away from the tree and then all was right with the world!


The sun was shining when we set out for our tea, but by the time we left the restaurant it was bloody freezing, just as well I had my coat and that there was a hat in the pocket! It’s probably not the best of looks wearing shorts with a coat and a woolly hat but I was so cold I didn’t care!


The next day the sun was shining again, so we headed off to Blakeney Point for a walk along the coast.  This was my first time on the north Norfolk coast; I had spent a week on the Broads about 30 plus years ago with a group of mates, but we were either on the boat drinking or in a pub drinking so I didn’t get to see much of the surrounding countryside!


The wind was a little bracing but with the sun out it was a lovely walk!


In this part of Norfolk it’s like time stood still, I was half expecting Captain Mainwaring to come around the corner leading the rest of the cast of Dads Army!


Although there were quite a few people close to the car parks you didn’t have to walk too far to find yourself completely on your own!


And what a great way to get the 1/2 time refreshment……..a Cromer crab salad!


There was still plenty more to see of the lovely unspoilt coastline on the walk back to the car. It seems to me that the council have been very careful about letting any development change the characteristics of this quiet place!


After a long walk this seat really got the “seal” of approval!



On Wednesday 22nd May, my birthday (ok, but don’t forget next year!), we took a trip to Wroxham to visit the broads. A very helpful young lady in the broads national park tourist information centre told of us a walk along the River Bure that would take you to St Benet’s Abbey which was celebrating its 1,000 year anniversary.


The walk was again lovely and peaceful and when we got there you could see how the original building had been cannibalised and used to make a mill by what at one time had been the main gate!


This was a great place for peace and reflection…………..and time to strike a pose!


When you stopped and stood still, it was completely silent.  You couldn’t hear anything, not even the sound of a car in the distance!


There was the occasional interruption of the peace when the gentle putt-putt of a boat engine would enter your consciousnesss as it passed you by on the river.


This was more like the boat we had when we tried to drink Norfolk dry all those years ago, although this one was being driven far more sedately!


Jane was a little worried when she first saw this sign but she relaxed when I explained it was the name of a pub and not a sordid get together in a carpark!


My birthday meal was back at the fish and chip shop that we had visited on our first night, and yet again they were delicious, and this time Jane was driving so I could have a glass of wine!


When I first saw this egg I was a little worried at the size of seagull I was about to meet…..


But it turned out to be a peace of art……….eggcellent!


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1 Response to Norfolk And Good!

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Glad to see your humour up (or down) to it’s normal level Ian 🙂
    I think it’s been more like 40 years since I was in Norfolk. It is lovely there though, must take a trip sometime. Last time I was there was after finishing university. 15 of us hired 2 boats for a couple of weeks. Got through a LOT of beer, and saw the sun once!


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