Mountaineering in Norfolk



One of the main things we wanted to achieve on our short break to Norfolk was to climb some of the many high mountains that this part of the country has in abundance! As luck would have it we spotted our first summit whilst on a cliff-top walk from Cromer to Sheringham.


The name of this mighty peak was the Beeston Bump. We managed to climb this majestic a lot quicker than we expected, and I mainly put this down to the fine weather which produced perfect visibility!


The only sad thing was that there was a huge queue as we approached the top, but patience is a virtue and when we eventually reached the peak it was all worthwhile!


The views from the top were stunning, you could see over the lovely Sheringham golf course and we even managed to see this steam train thundering by!



We managed to get another glimpse of the train when we visited a National Trust property in Upper Sheringham…….


…. which was full of rhododendrons all in bloom.  It was an absolutely lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon!


We are certainly getting our moneys worth from the National Trust this year. Blickling Hall was on our list of places to visit whilst in Norfolk.


It has an interesting history because behind these doors during WWII this was home for RAF officers based at the nearby airfield.


It’s hard to believe that this quiet tranquil place was home to all these brave men. They have kept one of the barrack  rooms exactly the same as it was during the war, I have to say that it didn’t look very comfortable!


Plenty of places for reflection between missions.


I liked the walled gardens and the many doors that led you through to another hidden gem!


We were lucky to visit Blickling on a quiet lovely sunny day, and it really made you think of all the airmen that were based here during the war and what they must have been thinking while sat on this same bench!


On our way back to the caravan there was time for another cliff-top walk……..however this time it was only a short stroll as it got very chilly very quickly!!

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3 Responses to Mountaineering in Norfolk

  1. JULIAN BOYERS says:

    No mention of afternoon tea with Liz and Phil at Sandringham, not like you to miss an opportunity!!
    Have Fun,

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    Blickling Hall looks lovely. I have only been to Norfolk twice, and once was on the Broads. Must re-visit. Got to win the lottery soon so we can retire and do some travelling…

    Liked by 1 person

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