We are now in a small quiet campsite near the quaint fishing village of Doëlan in the Finistere region of Brittany. The temperature here is a more bearable mid 20C during the day and in the mid teens during the night so we are back to having a comfortable nights sleep!


This lovely little port is where they film the French version of Doc Martin!!!!


You can certainly see why this stunning location was chosen for the filming of this T.V. series.


A short walk through town brings you to the coast path. It is so like Cornwall it’s untrue, the major difference is that they walk on the right over here!


There are wild flowers here in abundance which makes every walk that much more enjoyable for us both, and for me it gives me an extra challenge of trying to capture that beauty on camera!


This immense coastline is full of little bays where you can certainly enjoy a bit of seclusion if you want it, or if you fancy a bit of company then all you have to do is find the nearest resort and then you will find a huge great beach full of about a dozen people!


Or if you fancy something a little different you could just sit out on the rocks and watch the world go by!


We have done many walks whilst we have been here for this 10 days but we haven’t scratched the surface of the walks we want to do, so we will definitely have to come back and explore some more. The amount of times I have said that I want to return to places I think I will need another lifetime to be able achieve this goal!


Whilst Kev and I are scrambling around on the rocks looking for geocaches Jane and Val take the opportunity to discuss the latest fashion trends in M&S


When you walk the coastline here you get the chance to stroll up some of the many estuaries and there are some lovely houses in such stunning locations.  I don’t think I would get bored with watching the tides come and go !


A little inland there are many small villages to explore………..


The best time to visit these little towns and villages is just after midday, when the parking is free and the shops have closed!


Mind you there are often markets open, but I don’t mind strolling around these if the background is always as good as this!


Even the loos are rather interesting !


How come even the weeds in France look that much better than those at home!

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2 Responses to Brittany

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I love Brittany. Hven’t been there since the early 90’s, must plan a trip to go back. Ploughmnach and further west are my favourite areas, but then the whole of Brittany is wonderful, all the way around the coast to La Baule. Fab photos as always, and places that I would just love to be in right now instead of Southampton.

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