Robbie Williams at Hyde Park


It’s been a long time since I last updated the blog, so here we go, this is what Jane and I have been up to over the summer of 2019.

Just before last Christmas I managed to buy a couple of tickets to see Robbie William at Hyde Park. So rather than visit London just for the day I thought we would take the opportunity to stay for a couple of nights.


I decided to drive up to the capital as the cost of train tickets were far more expensive than the petrol and parking would be, and we had the flexibility to carry more of Jane’s luggage!

We stopped off at Kew Gardens on the way, an oasis of calm in a busy city!  There are wonderful displays of colourful plant life everywhere you look………………


Although the “marigolds” were a little bit disappointing! (This was actually just outside one the restaurant/toilet blocks, just in case you were wondering!!)


And I wasn’t too sure what Scooby Do was doing outside one of the hot houses!


And if there wasn’t enough colour from the plant life they also had several art installations to add to the brightness of your day!


Our hotel was a Premier Inn in Knightsbridge which we had booked 6 months ahead and got a great rate for central London.  Whilst here I took the opportunity to do a bit of geocaching, I really can’t understand why Jane gets embarrassed when I’m on my hands and knees scrabbling under statues on a busy street!


Our walk to the concert took us past many of London’s world-famous landmarks, and as it was the summer holidays it was packed with many tourists from around the globe enjoying the sights and sounds of the city!


And in the park there was a reminder of the countryside with a border of wild flowers!


Well here we are, just about to enter our first festival for many years……………..


Jane was not quite sure what to do, so finding something to lean against and read the papers was the order of the day!


And as the hours passed it got a lot more interesting with lots happing all around (but we still didn’t give up our space with the back rest!)


The sun shone and Sharleen Spiteri was on stage with Texas to entertain us……………


And as the afternoon passed the park filled up and we were glad that we got there early enough to get a space close to the stage, well when I say close you still couldn’t see who was singing without the help of the large video screens!


And then it was time for the main man…….Robbie was on………..


It’s great to see such a shy retiring introverted man overcome his fears and perform to so many people………


Robbie took time to thank his dad for his childhood, sat in the wings of many nightclubs watching his father perform and setting him on the right path…….they performed a duet to a rapturous applause from the crowd!


As the sun slowly set the music got louder and the crowd more appreciative…………


And then all too quickly it was over……….what a great show, Robbie was fantastic, the atmosphere  was terrific and the day was a great success! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but I’m not so sure that we will want to spend a whole day at a festival again……unless its VIP!

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1 Response to Robbie Williams at Hyde Park

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Phew! I was thinking you might have given up on the blog, nice to see you posting again. I keep trying to do the same on mine, but it seems to take ages to create posts.
    I find driving up to London the best way, and JustPark has been pretty good for us, helping to find a decent parking spot without breaking the bank.
    Sounds like it was a good concert, and perfect weather for a weekend away.
    I’m just pleased we weren’t in Spain last week, major flooding from the storms, whereas we had 2 weeks of perfect weather.

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