Canaries Cruise-Palma


La Palma was our next destination after departing Madiera. That evening the ship set up a caribbean style BBQ on the pool deck


Dad got into the groove very early on and was watched by many eager female admirers. We did have to ask him to tone it down a bit, and as he was twisting like he did last summer we were all worried that he might put his back out!


I did have a lot to drink that night, so much so that I felt like a shadow of my former self in the morning!


Here we are arriving at Santa Cruz de la Palma which is the capital of the island of La Palma.  La Palma is the most north-westerly island of the Canary Islands and is the fifth largest of these seven islands.


It was only a short walk from our berth to the main shopping street, however I was more interested in the architecture  and scenery than the many perfume shops that were on offer!


So dad and I went our own way and left Jane to do a bit of shopping on her own.  Dad was a little worried while I was walking the sea wall and he insisted that I hold his hand!


I was also a little concerned when dad asked me if I had seen that great pair of knockers over there………………….but I needn’t have worried!


Jane has often asked me where I get my shy retiring introverted nature from and I have to be honest with her and say I don’t know!


Dad and I went back to the ship and had a bit of lunch and waited for Jane’s return, and then in the afternoon Jane and I took a taxi tour of the island.


The island is home to the Roque de los Muchachos which at 2,423 metres is the second highest mountain in the Canary Islands.  The highest is Mount Teide on Tenerife.


I was assured it would be a great view……………if it wasn’t for the clouds!


Well if you can’t see the view then why not act like silly buggers!


We were being watched while we were mucking about……you can’t quite see it but this gecko is looking heavenwards in dispair!


The long drive to the top was well worth the effort, the clouds cleared and the sun came out and we were at last blessed with some stunning views.


Our taxi trip was in the late afternoon and all the bus tours from the ship were in the morning which meant that we virtually had the whole place to ourselves.


This area is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park and was designated as such in 1954.


There were so many paths and tracks that I would have liked to explore but time was against us and we had to return to the ship……..oh well, that’s another place to add to the list of destinations that require a return visit!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Spectacular views. I guess like so many other ports of call, you only see enough to wet your appetite for a longer visit.

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